Starfield The Akila Run Walkthrough

If you still have not smuggled any contraband, get some practice by completing the Akila Run in Starfield.

The Akila Run is a short side quest that requires you to smuggle contraband from a dealer in Starfield and get paid in the process.

This is a short and to-the-point quest that can help you earn a few extra credits on the side however getting caught can get you into some serious trouble as you’re smuggling from one planet to another with high levels of security.

How to unlock the Akila Run mission

To unlock the Akila Run, head over to the HopeTech building on Hopetown and speak with Mr. Sood who’ll be standing beside two children.

How to complete The Akila Run in Starfield

After you’ve spoken with Mr Sood return to your ship and head over to the Akila city. It is advised that you upgrade your ship with shielded cargo and a scan jammer to increase the probability of getting into Akila City undetected.

Speak with Lon Anderson in the Red Mile on the planet Porrima III to get your ship upgraded. If you don’t plan on spending Credits to upgrade your ship, we recommend saving your game before heading into Akila City as you have a small chance of getting caught. If that happens just reload your game and try again.

Head over to your ship’s cargo and transfer Mr. Sood’s contraband to your ship. You can add more of Sood’s contraband on your ship and get paid more however it’ll increase the chances of you getting caught by the Akila authorities.


Travel to Akila

Once you’re all set, travel to Akila and deliver the contraband to Tom Starrett who can be found outside the Trade Authority building.

This marks an end to the Akila Run side quest in Starfield.

Starfield – The Akila Run mission rewards

  • 8700 Credits
  • 100 EXP

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