StarDrive Patch 1.15 Fixes AI, Production And Remnant Quests

Space game StarDrive has issued an update for Patch 1.15 that will take care of some rather persistent issues. This strategic title on PC from publisher Iceberg Interactive is set in the 4X genre of galactic conquest.

One of the more welcome fixes is noted to artificial intelligence (AI). Instead of just blindly hurling large ships, the AI will now diversify its approach to become more versatile. The notes state:

This now results in the AI splitting its proportions roughly between: Capitals: 3, Cruisers: 5, Frigates: 7, Fighters: 7, Dedicated Bombers: 1. This means that, given 23 ships, the ratio would break down like that.

This means that players can no longer simply focus on whittling down behemoths and will need to work on countering more agile ships as well.

To aid with that, Flak cannons can now detonate in a set range, instead of needing a designated hit.

In more ammo tuning, missiles have 25% more range before timing out. This is to prevent from longer ranges from becoming too fragile to really strike.

Cargo ships that aren’t assigned any storage space will no longer be affected by automation. Ships that are used for repair or other purposes shouldn’t get caught in the cargo transport system.

Thanks to the update, you’ll also no longer need money to rush projects. Only production is required now, which also means that the AI will be able to use this method as well.

A final important notification is set for the Remnant quest line, where players tackle an ancient alien race. The patch should make these events trigger normally now and lead to an eventual end of that story line.

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