Stardew Valley Mobile Is Finally Coming Out

Eric Barone was able to hit the sweet spot with Stardew Valley after it gained the attention of lots of users. Its success went to an extent that it even managed to overshadow Harvest Moon. After the much-deserved recognition, we are now going to see a Stardew Valley mobile version come out.

Stardew Valley was a once in a lifetime triumph for Chucklefish and Eric Barone. It would be safe to say that hitting such a milestone with the game might not be possible again. Eric has given us various versions of the game after initial PC launch. Now the simulation RPG is getting ready to enter the mobile platform market.

Stardew Valley mobile version is being made for both IOS and Android platforms. But the IOS port is going to release ahead of the Android launch. The game is going to be like the 1.3 PC version on mobiles as well with a slight change. The modding features and multiplayer won’t be available in mobile versions.

Moreover, users would have the option to load their PC game data on the mobile version. That is only if they do not wish to go through the gameplay all over again. The release of the Android version is not yet announced but it is going to be the first thing out after the IOS version.

The trailer of the mobile announcement is up on Youtube which shows how the game would turn out. The IOS port is coming out from 24 October at $ 7.99. Furthermore, the Stardew Valley mobile will be free from microtransactions and ads.

There is no doubt that Eric Barone had outside help in bringing this together. This allowed him to work on the multiplayer mode for the game. Stardew Valley shows real promise as it was last year’s most downloaded Switch game.

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