Stardew Valley Leo Gifts Guide

Leo is one of the newly introduced NPCs in Stardew Valley with the release of Ginger Island for the 1.5 update to the game. In this Stardew Valley Leo Gifts guide, we’ll be showing you where you can find Leo, how to form a friendship with him and how you can get him to move to Pelican Town.

Stardew Valley Leo

You’ll meet Leo while playing through the storyline of Ginger Island. He resides inside a treehouse on the eastern side of Ginger Island, to the left of the tent where Linus lives.

Leo doesn’t just stay inside his house all day. He moves around the island throughout the day, visiting different areas daily.

How to Become Friends with Leo

Give Leo Gifts
The first way to form a friendship with Leo is to offer him some gifts. Try to give him a ‘Love’ or ‘Like’ item twice every week for maximum positive relationship points.

Leo likes the following four items the most, so giving him these items is the quickest way to strengthen your friendship with him:

  • Mango
  • Ostrich Egg
  • Poi
  • Duck Feathers

If you’re having trouble finding the aforementioned items, then don’t worry. You can also give the following items to him, but your friendship will progress a little slower with them:

  • Nautilus Shell
  • Spice Berry
  • Sea Urchin
  • Dragon Tooth
  • Rainbow Shell

An important thing to note is that on Leo’s birthday (Summer 26), you’ll get an 8x bonus on relationship points when you give him a gift, so remember to not miss out on giving him gifts on this day.

Befriend the Parrots
Another way to form a friendship with Leo is by befriending the parrots on Ginger Island.

To make friends with them, you need to give them Golden Walnuts.

These walnuts can be collected easily as there’s an abundance of simple tasks that you can do to be rewarded with them.

As your bond with the parrots becomes stronger, your friendship level with Leo will also increase.

How to Get Leo to Move to Pelican Town
To get Leo to leave Ginger Island and come back to Pelican Town, you have to first reach six hearts of friendship with him.

After that, you can trigger the Six Hearts Event with Leo. In this event, Leo will be shown relocating to Pelican Town.

Once Leo has moved to Pelican Town, he’ll visit Ginger Island every Sunday and sometimes even on Monday.

Leo Heart Events

Leo has multiple unique Heart Events that dive deep into his backstory, allowing players to learn more information about this new character.

Two Hearts Event – West Island Meeting
When you reach two hearts with Leo, travel to the West Island area to start the first Heart Event.

In this event, you and Leo will admire the ocean. You’ll get the opportunity to have a long talk with Leo about life in Stardew Valley as you two look out into the ocean.

Four Hearts Event – North Island Meeting
When you reach four hearts with Leo, travel to the North Island area to start the second Heart Event.

A cutscene will play once you step foot in this area. You two will look out into the ocean once again and have another conversation.

This time, Leo will tell you a bit about his personal life and what it’s like to live on Ginger Island.

Six Hearts Event – South Island Meeting
When you reach six hearts with Leo, travel to the South Island dock area to start the third Heart Event.

When you arrive at the dock area, a cutscene will play. In this cutscene, Leo will be accompanied by a farmer and they’ll meet Willy and Linus.

Leo and Linus will form a friendship and then Leo will finally leave Ginger Island and move to Pelican Town.

Seven and Eight Hearts Events – Recipes in the Mail
When you reach seven hearts with Leo, you’ll receive a letter from him in the mail which will contain a new recipe. This recipe will be for Poi.

On reaching eight hearts, you’ll be sent another recipe by Leo. This time, for a dish called Mango Sticky Rice.

Nine Hearts Event – Mountain of Stardew Valley
When you reach nine hearts with Leo, make your way to Leo and Linus’ residence in the Stardew Valley Mountain area to start the final Heart Event.

When you arrive at their residence, a cutscene will play. In this cutscene, you’ll be shown a montage of Leo getting comfortable with his new home.