How to Play StarCraft:BroodWar On Hamachi

Starcraft, a name that requires no introduction at this point of time. Released in the late 90’s, the sequel to the award winning realtime strategy game StarCraft, Broodwar built on the same formula its predecessor used.
Its compelling storyline and addictive multiplayer gameplay elements were good enough for it to be played for more then a decade online as well as on LAN.
Anyhow if you just woke up in the World of G, and don’t know how you can play this game online on LAN using a free VPN software Hamachi. You can follow this guide to  setup and play Starcraft:Broodwar LAN online with your friends.

StarCraft: BroodWar Hamachi

What You need?
Log Me In Hamachi
Chaoslauncher (Plugin Launcher for Starcraft)
ForceHamachi Chaoslauncher Plugin
Latest Starcraft BroodWar Patch


Step 1
Install Hamachi, create/join a network.

Step 2
Extract into Starcraft folder, so that it creates a new folder like “Starcraft/Chaoslauncher”

Step 3
Now put “forcehamachi.bwl” (Force Hamachi Chaoslauncher Plugin) into chaoslauncher folder.

Step 4
Run “Chaoslauncher.exe”, update it to the latest by clicking update button and check ForceHamachi in plugin list.

Step 5
Now load the game using Chaoslauncher by clicking “Start”. Go to Multiplayer, UDP then Host/Join  game.

You can read our General Hamachi Guide and get to know the general issues and their solutions in playing games LAN online. Apart from that the tutorial is as simple as it gets and you won’t be facing any issue playing StarCraft online with your friends. But when you are playing this game online with your friends.

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