StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty PC Cheat Codes

Been playing StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty lately ? me too. Want to ease your way to victory ?, get these cheat codes and you will have no trouble kicking Zerg asses.

How to Enable Cheats in StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty

During gameplay press “Enter” and type the cheat code to enable the devastation or resource rain.

Following Cheat Codes are available for StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty

Disable Victory Condition.
Cheat code: tyuhasleftthegame

Disables Ability Cool-down.
Cheat code: HanShotFirst

Disables Tech Requirements.
Cheat code: SoSayWeAll

Gives 5,000,000 Credits.
Cheat code: whysoserious

Granted Resources.
Cheat code: jaynestown

Invincibility and Increased Damage.
Cheat code: terribleterribledamage

Open Cut-scene Menu.
Cheat code: eyeofsauron

Plays the song “Terran up the Night”.
Cheat code: OverEngineeredCodPiece

Units/Structures Do Not Cost Resources.
Cheat code: moredotsmoredots

Upgrades Weapons, Armor, and Shields by 1.
Cheat code: IAmIronman

Note: If you enable the above cheat codes, it will disable achievements of any type. So, “Not For Achievement Whores”.

Now have you played that arcade game Lost Viking in StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty ? the space tunnel shooter which reminds you of the same sort of game we used to play on arcade machines.

Sadly, I don’t remember the name of that game but, in StarCraft 2, its Lost Viking. Above given cheat codes work for normal game while there are cheat codes for this mini game as well.

If you haven’t finished by any chance, you can increase your chances, by using the codes below.

StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Lost Viking Cheats

Adds an amount ‘x’ to the current score.
Cheat code: -score x

Adds one life to the current amount.
Cheat code: -ADDLIFE

Changes the background.
Cheat code: -mb

Clears the current level.
Cheat code: -LEVELCLEAR

Displays the “Boss Incoming” message.
Cheat code: -ss

Displays the sine of three angles: 180, 90, and pi.
Cheat code: sine

Ends the map.
Cheat code: -BONUS

Hides the “Quit” button.
Cheat code: -NOQUIT

Makes the boss appear.
Cheat code: -BOSS

Sends a wave of enemies.
Cheat code: behind

Sets number of lives to 10.
Cheat code: -LIFE

Shows the ending cinematic.
Cheat code: -end

Spawns a power-up at the center of the screen.
Cheat code: -pu

Note: Dashes in the codes above are part of the cheat code and are required for cheat code to work.

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