Payday 3 is Official Now, No Release Date Yet

Starbreeze Studios, which now owns everyone’s favorite bank robbing simulator Payday, has announced that they are now working on Payday 3, after months of inactivity following the announcement that they had re-acquired the brand after Payday 2. While there’s no release date yet, hopefully it’ll be just as good as Payday 2.

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The news that Starbreeze had acquired the Payday license came out last summer, back in May, when Starbreeze said that not only had they acquired the license, but that they would be implementing a number of changes, starting off by getting rid of the microtransaction angle that had been so roundly criticized by a large number of players.

Payday 2, despite that, was a game that was well-loved by the series’s millions of fans, so hopefully Payday 3 will be good enough to meet with similar, or even greater, success. Considering that the studio has said that the game isn’t going to be rushed to meet with the demand of gamers, hopefully that’s a good sign that the game will be smooth and relatively free of bugs on release.

While the game is now fully in the design stage, we don’t know what sorts of mechanics and other things will be available for it when the game comes out. Also helping with the game’s production being slowed is that Overkill Studios, the studio that actually makes Payday, is also working on a game set in The Walking Dead, the successful zombie media franchise that started out as a graphic novel, but now has its own TV show, video game series, and more.

We won’t be seeing any updates about Payday 3 for a while, but hopefully we’ll at least get some sort of peek into the game either at this year’s E3 or at some other point in the future, and hopefully then it’ll be good.