Starbound Techs Locations Guide – Where To Find

Techs are in-game upgrades that your character can equip. Each tech in the game has different attributes and functions. These techs can be found scattered throughout the universe.

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Starbound Techs Locations

Once you have found a tech, go back to your ship and Lock In them from your computer. You should also note that these locations are not final and are subject to change once the complete game comes out.

Morph Ball
Location: X: -25851696 Y: 85282397 (Gamma Kochab 70 II)

This tech allows your character to transform into a rolling ball. Once your character is transformed into it; you can lay mines which can be triggered at any times.

These mines do a good amount of damage and can even take out several monsters. However, you should also note that your character still takes damage from monsters and falling damage.

Bubble Boost
Location: X: 630 Y: -676 (Horsebutt 01 III)

Bubble Boost give you a boost from bubbles to send you upwards and forward. However, using this tech will drain your character of its energy and the best way to use this tech is to use it in small burst instead of keeping full throttle.

You can also try and equip this tech with Tier 10 Armor which will let you fly for longer durations of time. Another thing to mention here is that if you ever run out of bubbles in mid-air; you will fall to your death.

Pulse Jump
Location: X: 61665013 Y: 91225310 (Alpha Arrakis 175 VII)

When compared to the other techs in the game; Pulse Jump is pretty basic. This allows you to perform a double jump without taking any falling damage. Pulse Jump is quite useful for annihilating flying enemies and reach higher platforms.

Energy Dash
If you wish to travel around the planets in a much faster way then there is nothing better than the Energy Dash tech. This tech allows you to move faster while in the air.

However, this does drain your energy very quickly and must be used in small bursts to avoid death. In case, you are falling off a high level, use your Energy Dash just before hitting the ground and you will not receive any falling damage.

Gravity Bubble
Location: X: -48368570 Y: -50564814 (X Leela Minoris V)

Gravity Bubble is another tech that lets your character hover in the mid-air at the cost of your energy. Gravity Bubble is quite slower than the Energy Dash when it comes to roaming around the planets but it is definitely useful for hovering in the mid-air.

It is recommended that you land if your Gravity Bubble drains and replenish it before ascending; to prevent from falling to your death.

The Butterfly Boost Tech
Location: X: -53369083 Y: -85343996 (X Skat 729 IV a)

Butterfly Boost is somewhat like Energy Dash but it uses butterflies to carry your character in the mid-air. Like many other techs, this one also drains you off your energy and must be used in progressions to avoid falling death.

This tech can only be activated while you’re in the air; you’ll have to jump and then use it. It can also be used to negate the falling damage by activating it just before hitting the ground. Butterfly Boost along with Gravity Bubble can be used to take out bosses like the Dragon King.

The Mech Tech
Location: X: -70156577 Y: -30728840 (Delta Ankaa 069 III a)

This tech gets your character a gigantic mech suit equipped with heavy armor and HMGs on the front. There is no cooldown time for these HMGs and can be shot for infinite durations of time.

Mech Tech is an amazing way of taking out bosses and other enemies but note that any damage dealt to the tech will drain your character’s energy and eventually disappear.

The Targeted Blink Tech
Location: X: -55414614 Y: -9418414 (X P Cyg Majoris V)

Like the name suggests, this tech allows your character to teleport to a different targeted location within the blink of an eye. The location which you want to reach can be selected with your cursor.

This tech drains more amount of damage than any other tech and should be used wisely. One of the best features of this tech is that you can start attacking and then teleport to an enemy’s location and your attack will deal damage to the enemy.

Due to the limits imposed by your screen, you can only teleport to a small distance. However, you can zoom out your screen size and increase the teleporting distance.

High-Tech Chests
High-Tech Chests can be found in each of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma sectors. The techs found inside these chests can be completely random and are subject to change in the full game. The coordinates for these chests are:

  • Alpha: X: 64220298 Y: -69358119 (Alpha Alcor 172 V c)
  • Beta: X: -83527407 Y: 5385109 (Beta Rana 26 I a)
  • Gamma: X: -65220448 Y: -69017753 (Gamma Sham 4409 V)

If you find any other location for these techs, don’t forget to share with us in comments!

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