Starbound Pre-Orders Open Up

Pre-orders fir Starbound are now open. This was announced on the game’s official website. Pre-ordering the game will ensure that you will be the first one to get the game when it becomes available.

Simply put, these pre-orders are being taken by the developers to fund the making of the game. The game so far has collected more than $500,000. It has achieved its stretch goal which means we will be getting the new class of ‘Nova Kid’ in the game too.

There are several types of preorders available for you to choose from. A standard pre-order will get you the copy of the game as well as a beta invite and a soundtrack copy. It will cost you $15 only.

There is also an Impervium tier pre-order available. This package will get you a statue of your likeness in the game; you only have to send them a couple of your photos. Furthermore, your name will be added in the credits of the game, and your name will be used for NPCs in the game as well.

Obviously, you will be getting everything that was included in the standard pre-order. This will come with a hefty price tag of $2000.

If you plan to place a Impervium tier pre-order then hurry up as only 30 of them are available.

For those of you who do not know, Starbound is an indie game developed by Chucklefish Games. The game features many different elements that are similar to those found in its spiritual predecessor; Terraria. However, there is one big element that sets it apart; the game will take place in space!

The game will follow the story of a young escapee who is stranded on a forsaken space station after fleeing from his/her home world, which is attacked by unknown forces.

No firm release date of the game has been given yet, but a release in this year has been confirmed. At this time, Starbound only supports Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

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