Starbound Ores, Pixels and Plants Farming Locations Guide

It is interesting to see that the Starbound universe that Team Chucklefish has created gives birth to all sorts of minerals/ores and plants. These minerals/ores are not just lying there for the sake of originality but have some specific uses as well.

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Starbound Ores Farming

Ores are an integral component of crafting different things; most importantly, your armor. Players can roam the universe and salvage Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Coal, Titanium, and Uranium from different planets.

There might be some instances when you would find yourself deficit in ores. Don’t worry! This guide will be covering different locations where you would be able to find these ores in good abundance.

Since the game is still in its beta phase and is currently undergoing changes; nothing can be said with utmost certainty since it can change in future updates.

If you happen to find a mistake in the guide or an in-game change, don’t forget to give us a heads-up! We always appreciate your feedback.

Farming Ores
Location: X: -100000148 Y: 18172784 (Gamma Deneb Algedi 749 I b)

Before heading to this location, I will advise you that you bring in a good amount of torches with you; around 50 would suffice. Once you have gathered the torches, set the mentioned coordinates in your ship and travel to the mentioned planet.

After landing, make your way to your right and keep on going until you see some dark valley underneath the mountains.; this is where you have to go. Keep going forward until you see an entrance! Light the path and enter!

You would see that this place will be swarming with all sorts of ores/minerals. There will also be some chests on the left side of this area; don’t forget them.

Farming Pixels
Unlike Ores, it is not necessary to follow a specific location for the Pixels as they can found everywhere. However, higher-level planets tend to have more Pixels than low level.

Land on any high level planet and start roaming the area for different sorts of Ores, enemies, and Pixels. I have mentioned enemies because killing them yield Pixels. And like I have afore mentioned, high level planet’s enemies will yield more Pixels.

Once you think you have gathered enough, head back to your ship and access your Refinery (It needs to be crafted). The Refinery can turn your surplus Ores into Pixels depending upon the type of Ore used. For instance, it doesn’t turn Coal.

Farming Plants
Plants can be farmed and harvested in the exact same manner as in the real life. All you need is soil, seeds, time, and cultivating tools.

To get started, get to your ship and place a layer of soil and using the Stone Hoe; place some dirt on it. Once you have done that, place some seeds and give them some time to grow. After your plants are fully grown, walk past them and harvest them for resources.

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