Starbound Items Crafting Guide – How To

How crafting works in Starbound? Unlike techs, you can craft useful items to use in Starbound.

In Starbound, there is a minute difference between items and techs. Unlike Techs, items can be crafted at different workstations found in your ship. To craft a particular item, you will require certain pre-requisits items.

These items serve various purposes and are a sure way of getting you out of tight situations. However, some of these items don’t serve a particular purpose and add to the customization of your character and ship.

Terrifying Wings
Location: X: 83964890 Y: -73896990 (X Skios IV – Level 10)

Upgrades like Terrifying Wings don’t have any specific purpose other than for the sake of customization. When equipped with Tier 10 Armor; look absolutely stunning.

And in case, you’re wondering, these don’t give your character the ability of flying. The planet on which you can find these wings is level 10 and you need to have a powerful ranged weapon before going in.

Follow the coordinates above and head either left or right and look for small wrecked shacks to find these wings. You need to know that there not 100% chances of finding these wings there since the game is still in beta.


The Lantern Stick
Having 50+ torches to lighten up a dark area can be a hassle sometimes. With the help of a Lantern Stick, you can lighten up the any area. However, the area lighten up by a torch covers more magnitude than a Lantern Stick.

In order to craft it, you will have to defeat the UFO Boss and pick up the item that it drops.

Grappling Hook
Grappling Hook is another way of covering large distances within a short period of time. You will need to give it a lot of practice before you could actually get hold of the Grappling Hook.

In order to craft the Grappling Hook, you will need to head to your Robotic Crafting Station and type in ‘Hook’ in the search bar below to find it and be the Batman!

Pixel Compressor
Pixel Compressor can be crafted by heading to your ship and selecting your Robotic Crafting Station. Once you have done that, type in ‘Compressor’ and you will get the Pixel Compressor.

Once you have successfully crafted it, put it anywhere and you can start compressing your pixels. However, you should note that doing this have 40% chances of lost rate which is not much considering you lose 30% if your character dies.

3D Printer
3D Printer which is also known as Pixel Printer can be found built-in your ship. Just walk to your computer and choose the Pixel Printer option.

This tech basically allows you to add an item to your crafting list so that you can create as many times as you want!

Nano Bandage
Considering the universe of Starbound is brutally hostile; the game offers a ton of ways to heal your character. Where the regular bandage revives only one bar of your character’s HP, the Nano Bandage regenerates three bars.

In order to craft the Nano Bandage, you will need Portable Printer, Pixels, and a regular bandage.

Cheap Light
When exploring dark areas; especially for ores and pixels, it is always better to have some light. Surely torches and the Lantern Stick are a sure way of giving you some light.

But in case, you are looking for something more vibrant and bright then you need to go for Cheap Light. It can be crafted from Portable Printer and then selecting Cheap Light from Basic Crafting.

Nano Stove
In order to make Nano Stove, you need to get Portable Pixel Printer and craft it using a Cheap Light and Pixels. Nano Stove is far more better than Camp Fire because it doubles up the amount of heat produced; hence, providing better protection against planets with unpleasant atmosophere.

Portable Pixel Printer
Until now, you must have known that Portable Pixel Printer comes in really handy for crafting certain high-tech items. In order to craft Portable Pixel Printer, you will need to head to your Robotic Work Station and have 5 bars of each Gold, Silver, and Iron along with 500 Pixels.

Once you have created it, you can place it and craft high-tech items on the go.

Painting Tool
It’s not only your character that can be customized but also your ship; as you will be able to paint it. Painting Tool can be created from Robotic Crafting Station for 1 of each red, yellow, and blue dye along with Platinum Panels.

After making your Painting Gun, you can select an area, hover between colors, and paint it!

How to Create NPCs
From your Robotic workstation, you can craft a Spawner (Name depends upon your character’s race). Once you have created the Spawner, head to an open location and place it. Now all you need to do is to leave the area and come back after some time to find your newly created NPCs.

Your fire power, weapons, and other monsters can hurt your NPCs so you need to be careful of that. Doing this is a good idea; especially when you are trying to have some company with you or when building a new town.

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