Star Wars: The Mandalorian Game Rumored From Xbox Game Studios

Microsoft appears to have tasked one of its first-party Xbox Game Studios to start work on a new Star Wars: The Mandalorian game.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, industry insider (and leaker) Nick “Shpeshal Ed” Baker pointed out that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has been teasing a Star Wars: The Mandalorian game by having a Mandalorian Funko on his shelf during his recent Zoom conferences.

That being said, it turned out that the figure was not actually a Mandalorian Funko and that leaking the Star Wars: The Mandalorian game was accidental. Baker has since then removed his original tweet but remains adamant that a game starring the lone bounty hunter is in development pipelines.

Coincidentally, it was only a few days ago when YouTuber MrMattyPlays claimed that sources close to the matter have confirmed Microsoft to be licensing a known Lucasfilm intellectual property for one of its Xbox Game Studios. MachineGames, now under Microsoft, is already working on a new Indiana Jones game. That left fans with none other than the Star Wars franchise.

Furthermore, Microsoft is said to be pursuing Lucasfilm projects just as Sony Interactive Entertainment has been pursuing Marvel projects such as Spider-Man, Iron Man VR, and The Avengers—based on exclusive PlayStation crossovers.

It however remains to be confirmed if a new Star Wars: The Mandalorian game is actually in the works. If Lucasfilm Games has been willing to collaborate with Bethesda Softworks and MachineGames on its Indiana Jones brand, it could very well extend that courtesy to other known brands as well. Star Wars was after all licenses over to publisher Electronic Arts for multiple games in the past many years.

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