Star Wars Squadrons Controls Guide

Star Wars: Squadrons is pretty complex when it comes to its flying mechanics. The entire system is pretty in-depth, and you might want to take a minute or two to breathe it all in. This Star Wars Squadrons Controls guide will help you in getting familiar with the control scheme.

Star Wars Squadrons Controls

If you’re jumping into competitive multiplayer, then you might find yourself outmatched against the tricks that other people have picked up.

Attempting to shoot down bad guys isn’t all there is to the game. Adapting to different techniques is vital, and that’s only possible when you know your craft from the inside out.

Each button input needs to be precise, and understanding your peripheral of choice is extremely important to winning space-fights in Star Wars: Squadrons.

You may edit any binds through the settings for your peripheral. Once you’ve learned the placement of all controls, it’s time to get dominatin’!

Using a Controller

A controller is definitely the second-best way to play the game (First best being the joystick of course). Connect your controller to your PC, and Steam will be able to detect it.

Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Throttle/Roll Left analog stick Left analog stick
Pitch/Yaw Right analog stick Right analog stick
Next target/Target attacker X A
Countermeasures Circle B
Shields to back/front (double press)/balance (hold) As well as, Power to engines/lasers (double press) Square X
Ping target/Acknowledge ping (double press)/Comm menu (hold) Triangle Y
Left auxiliary weapon L1 LB
Right auxiliary weapon R1 RB
Select target/Targeting menu (hold) L2 LT
Fire primary weapon R2 LB
Boost/Drift (hold) L3 L3
Free look (double tap) R3 R3
Increase weapon power D-Pad up D-Pad up
Increase shield power D-Pad down D-Pad down
Increase engine power D-Pad left D-Pad left
Balance power D-Pad right D-Pad right
Menu Touchpad Start
Check loadout Options Select/View button


Using a Keyboard/Mouse

Keyboard and Mouse are a less than ideal choice for a game like Star Wars Squadrons. Controlling your flight with the spacecrafts can be increasingly difficult. But, it’s doable nonetheless.

Action PC controls
Throttle increase W
Throttle decrease S
Roll A/D
Pitch and yaw Mouse movements
Afterburner Spacebar
Drift Shift + Spacebar
Free look H
Fire primary weapon Left Click
Fire auxiliary weapon 2 Right Click
Fire auxiliary weapon 1 Mouse4 (if available)
Countermeasure Mouse5 (if available)
Cycle targets E
Target ahead Shift + E
Target highest threat Q
Targeting menu Shift + Q (hold)
Shields radials menu C (hold)
Ping R
Acknowledge ping F
Communications menu Shift + R (hold)
Recenter mouse X
Chat visibility I
Team chat Y
Increase engines power 1
Max engines power Shift + 1
Increase weapons power 2
Max weapons power Shift + 2
Increase shields power 3
Max shield power Shift + 3
Balance power 4
Open menu Esc
Check loadout Tab
Recenter VR view (VR only)


Joystick Controls

The way it’s meant to be played! If you have a joystick, then you’re in for some fun time. We personally had a blast using the joystick to control our spacecraft.

And it’s definitely a lot easier to have command over your craft using the joystick then it is with any of the other peripherals.

PC Joystick

PS4 with HOTAS

Xbox One with HOTAS

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