Star Wars Podracing Remade In Unreal Engine 4, Looks Great and It’s Free

You remember the old Star Wars racing game that was based on Anakin’s podrace in episode 1? Someone with a bit of free time actually remastered Star Wars Podracing on the Unreal Engine 4. Not just that, they also released the game for free. What a good Samaritan.

Episode 1 was the Phantom Menace of course. While everyone’s strongest memory of that movie was the imposing presence of Darth Maul, a good majority loved seeing Liam Neeson as a Jedi.

But a major attraction out of the movie was the introduction of Podracing. A sort of bloodsport on Tatooine which involved junkers and the like assembling sloppily made hovercar like vehicles. The objective would then be a hazardous race to the finish for a huge prize.

The scene in the movie spawned a podracing game that became available in every arcade around the world. I remember pumping several tokens into an arcade machine to mount the simulated racer.

Now you can experience the same game in a new HD skin for free! Albeit it won’t be on a fancy Podracer casing that sways with your turns and movements. But it’s still something right?

Definitely worth keeping in your laptop or something for a quick race during the break time at work. Since there isn’t really a set story or career to the game itself.

In the wake of a really cool Star Wars game getting canceled, this is some levity and good news at least. It’s a good thing to see the community upholding what they still love and hold dear. Somebody has to since the official publishers of the game refuse to.

Disney doesn’t plan to cut ties anytime soon with EA either so between the mediocre movies and microtransaction fests of games, this is the best we’ll be getting I’m afraid.

Still it’s not such a bad deal. The Star Wars Podracing remake looks great and plays well. Plus it’s free, what more do you want right?

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