How Bode Akuna Will Help Cal in Stars Wars Jedi: Survivor

Respawn Entertainment will be giving Cal Kestis a new companion, Bode Akuna to explore the galaxy with in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Back when Respawn Entertainment released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, players got very familiar with pilot Greez, mentor Cere Junda, and eventually the Nightsister Merrin. Now, in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players will be reconnecting with old allies, along with meeting new ones, according to director Stig Asmussen in an interview with the magazine Play UK.

These are the worst periods of the Dark Times, and Cal is constantly looking over his shoulder, being hunted by the worst of the worst.

Even though he’s apparently split up from most of the Mantis crew, Cal will be joined on his journey in Survivor by Bode Akuna. However, Asmussen says that Bode won’t be like companions from the previous game, who stay on the Mantis. Bode will actually be out there helping Cal in a variety of ways, which include team-up attacks and helping him to traverse the game’s new planets.

They look out for each other, which is critical for survival.

In a galaxy where Cal is finding it more and more difficult to trust people, a friend like Bode will helpfully make the Mantis feel less empty. We barely saw a glimpse of him in the game’s debut trailer, but Asmussen says that that one moment is indicative of the bond the two share.

Bode is truly one of the good guys. The moment where he teams up with Cal in our trailer is just one example of the bond the two have, and how it translates to real gameplay.

Considering what else we see in the trailer, including brutal bounty hunters and what might be an imprisoned Dark Side-user, Cal may need all the help he can get on this new adventure. We’ll be able to see everything Cal and Bode will do together when Star Wars Jedi: Survivor comes out on April 28 of this year for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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