Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Stim Canister Locations Guide

Stim Canisters are your sources of healing your health and so the more reserves you have, the easier will be the fights for you. This Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Stim Cannister Locations guide will give you the location of all the canisters you can find to increase the number of times you can heal.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Stim Canister Locations

At the start of the game, you only have two Stim Canisters. However, there are some secret locations in Jedi Fallen Order where you can find more of stim canisters, but that is not as easy as it sounds.

Each Stim Canister is locked in a Golden Chest. These chests are often hidden behind real hard troubles which you have to undertake using your skills.

Well, we have prepared a complete Guide about the locations of the Stim Canisters as well as the methods to acquire the associated chests.

Subterranean Refuge
The area consists of 2 Stim canisters waiting to be collected.

So the 1st Stim Canister is located on Bogano in the Subterranean Refuge. From the Landing Pad, go left and jump across the far left area. Go ahead in the area and go into the hole which is in the middle of the Funnel-Like Structure. See on your left and there will be a golden chest.

The 2nd canister chest is located directly below the landing zone on Bogano. This one is a real deal, as it is locked behind a Puzzle where you must get the ball into the socket.

You will have to use your Skill Ability here. At minimum, you should use your ‘Force Push Ability’ so push the ball to the left towards the chest and then push it along the ramp towards the socket.

For the next Stim Canister, head towards Zeffo and then follow the path until you encounter Skazz Rats. So here you will have to defeat the Skazz first.

Afterward, locate a cave on the right side. Once located, go into the cave and immediately turn left. Then keep following the path until you reach the Golden Chest that contains the stim canister.

The next Stim Canister location can be found on Kashyk, but you must receive the Under Water Breathing device first, which will be unlocked as you progress through the main story.

So here, swim towards the flower and then use it to bounce off to the next level. Then turn around and located 3 more flowers to bounce yourself up to the chest. The Golden Chest is waiting for you above all these flowers, at the highest edge.

Zeffo – Venator Wreckage
The last stim canister chest is found in the Venator Wreckage area of the Zeffo. As it is the last one, you must have unlocked at least the skills of ‘Double Jump’, ‘Force Pull’ & ‘Force Push’.

This one unlocks especially only after unlocking the Double Jump Ability as it is part of the story.

So return to the wreckage area in the Zeffo and proceed further. There will be a strange area that looks more like a dungeon.

Go ahead and you will find 3 Chests with cosmetics! You will exit to the high cliff. So jump left side down towards the chest and Kaboom! You got your Stim Canister Chest.

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