Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Malicos Boss Guide

Malicos is a tricky character in Jedi Fallen Order and you will meet him a few times before you get inside a boss arena with him facing him one on one. So here we have Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Malicos Boss Guide to fight and defeat Malicos and there are some spoilers ahead.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Malicos Boss

You will first meet Malicos on the planet Dathomir and he will pretend to be a traveler, he will tell you that he travels and studies ‘many things’, you might be surprised to know one of those many things is going to be the Nightsisters.

When you are getting to the cave on the planet Dathomir, he will be at the entrance and will warn you of the Nightsister but you will obviously go anyway. And once you get back from the cave he will be leaning against the wall and will say ‘told you so’.

This time Cal will ask him about who he is and where he came from, and he will say he is a former Jedi and the leader of the Nightbrothers, Taron Malicos.

But before you can say or do anything else, you will have a dangerous army of undead Nightsisters and when you are free you will not see him again, until….

The next time you see Malicos, it will definitely be a Boss fight, you will see the atmosphere getting grinned and dark and that will be an obvious Boss fight.

Defeat Malicos
Malicos will have a lot of attacks and you will have to be very quick with your didges and parrying skills, but there are a number of ways to get to defeat him.

First, when Malicos parry, he will straight away attack. You can easily dodge this attack or block it as well. But as the fight goes on, Malicos will hit more and more powerfully so you won’t be able to block the attacks and dodging is your only option when Malicos parries.

You can attack him when his attack combo ends and he takes a break for a few moments.

When Malicos health lowers below half, his attack combos will get longer so you will have to dodge and wait more before you can do your own thing.

Sometimes, Malicos will lift a rock from the ground and throws at you, you can just use the Force to throw it back at him, it will give him hell lots of damage.

Sometimes he will throw multiple rocks at you, you can dodge all of them until the last one and make sure to charge the Force Push beforehand.

You should dodge and parry Malicos’ lightsaber attacks and best attacks to use against him are your Force attacks and your double-bladed lightsaber as it will deal the most damage after you are successful in depleting his stamina meter.

You can also use the Force to slow him down for a bit to give yourself a bit of a breath or to take some extra hits, but keep in mind that Malicos will resist your Force attacks so you have to time it right.

This is all from our Malicos Boss Guide and with all these tricks you can easily take on and defeat Malicos.