Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Echoes Locations Guide

If you are struggling with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Echoes locations, our guide will assist you.

The Force Echoes are one of many collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. If players wish to earn the Echo Location Trophy, then they must collect at least 75 Force Echoes, all of which are strewn throughout the galaxy. Although the Achievement only requires 75, there are a total of 113 Force Echoes to be found in Jedi Fallen Order. This Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Echoes Locations Guide will provide a comprehensive guide in locating each and every one of those 113 Force Echoes, planet by planet.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Echoes Locations

These Force Echoes in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order present themselves as blue-ish clouds of smoke on objects or surfaces which Cal can interact with to use his Psychokinesis ability and learn more about the history of that item with the help of the Force.

Keep in mind these Force Echoes and Secrets are different things. Secrets upgrade Cal or BD-1 in one way or another with new abilities while Force Echoes are tied to the Star Wars lore.

This is the first planet Cal gets to explore after completing the prologue

  • In the Fractured Plain, head to the Featherfern Seed. From here you should spot a structure made of bronze; at this point you should be able to pick up on the Echo. Follow the signature and you’ll spot a white statue; scan it.
  • On the map, in the Fractured Plains you’ll see a circular area. In the center of this area there is a platform that you can reach by double jumping. You’ll find the Echo in the center of this platform.
  • In the Bogdo Sinkholes, there is a crossroads; the path on the left is a story-related path, the path ahead leading to a locked door, and the right path leading to an area with fans; take the right path. Stop the fans and pass through, drop down into an area with more fans; freeze the fans on the floor and drop down to get the next Echo.
  • In the arena where you battle the Oggdo Bogdo, go to the backside to uncover the next Echo.
  • In Hermit’s Abode, go to the hut that is next to the Lightsaber work bench. There is a ladder that can be found in the Central Room; at the top is where you’ll find the Echo.
  • In the Great Divide, go to the Vault and head to the Meditation Point (cross the gap by swinging on the vine). Around the corner of the Meditation Point is where you’ll find the Echo.
  • In the Great Divide, take the lift to reach the Research Camp. Search in the surrounding area for a ruined campfire; the Echo is near it.
  • In the Great Divide, cross the bridge and take the first left. Go down the mudslide and cross the following chasm. Continue on the path until you find the Echo.
  • Continue on the path from the last Echo, you’ll encounter some enemies; beat them and you’ll find the Echo.
  • In the Subterranean Refuge, move from the Meditation Point, look inwards and drop to the right. Wall run to a ledge and then find a very narrow path with ridge walls either side. Use both double jumps and wall runs to get to the top of the steep slope and find this Echo.
  • In the Subterranean Refuge, starting from where you uncovered the Cordova’s Padawan Secret, move from the steep slope towards the way you came from (don’t slide down). Grab a vine and swing from one to another. Angle yourself towards the left and jump to the wall. Run along this and double jump to a ledge, on which is this Echo/Life upgrade.
  • From the Meditation Point, facing inwards, drop down a ledge to the right and use the right-most wall run walls to go around the corner and get to a platform with this Echo.
  • Use the wall right of the Meditation Point to get to a ledge. From this ledge, continue wall running until you get to another ledge with the Echo.
  • In Binog Mesa, in the amphitheatre where you fight 3 Splox, go to the very bottom. You’ll see a crevice where you can squeeze through, then go around the corner to find the Echo.
  • Within the Abandoned Workshop, specifically in the flooded area, climb the spire like edifice and enter the workshop (the first right); the Echo is there.

Zeffo is the home of the ancient civilization Cal is searching for on his journey to repair the Jedi Order.

  • In the Derelict Hangar, go to the Waterfall area and enter the cave on the right. Move forward while staying on the left side and you’ll eventually reach the Echo.
  • In the Abandoned Village, defeat the patrolling Scout Troopers, then head left along the cliff edge to a doorway where this Echo is located.
  • In the Abandoned Village, after beating the Scout Troop Commander, head left and you’ll find the Echo wedged between two houses on the Cliffside.
  • This can be found in Gusty Bluffs. In the area where you need to Force Slow the wheels so that you can cross over. Slow the last wheel in a way that allows you to reach the Meditation Point above. From there, climb up the ledge and work your way upwards, Slowing wheels until you land on a ledge. Go left and go through the cave until you find this Life upgrade.
  • In the Weathered Monument, use the wind gusts to reach the upper wall and wall run to reach the ledge. Go through and use the two narrow walls to reach the other side, then look up to the left to find a ledge with the Echo.
  • Back in the village, Force Slow the fan and step through to find this.
  • In the Auger Pulverisers, wall run to the 3rd Pulverizer, and jump through a frail fence. Drop down after stopping the Pulverizer and reach the Metal Grid.
  • In the Ancient Catacombs, wall run after immediately entering the catacombs. Keep wall running through the tunnel, going from one wall to another until you reach the very end.
  • Within the Ice Caves, specifically the Windswept Ruins, the Echo can be found behind the wall in the back of the Ruins.
  • While exploring the Ice Caves, a Jotaz will break through some ice and attack you. After killing it, go to where it sprung from.
  • Go past the elevator in the Ice Caves and wall run to an area with two enemies. You’ll find multiple chests and an Echo here.
  • Take the elevator to where the Meditation Point is. In the back corner of the flooded room, you’ll find the Echo.
  • In the Windswept Ruins, go to the base of the steps. The Echo is behind a wall that you can break with a Force Push.
  • In the Tomb of Eilram, head to giant sphere puzzle area; in the back left corner you’ll find the Echo.
  • Complete the giant sphere puzzle (where you must roll the sphere into the circle) and go into the room that it unlocks; the Echo is there.
  • From the Meditation Point, go through the sarcophagus room and in the next room, drop into the room on the left. Force Push the rock, follow the path and Push another couple of rocks until one drops down to the level below. Use this to climb the wall to the left, on top of which is this Echo.
  • On the Meditation Point, there is a wall you can destroy with the aid of the Force Push. Follow the path, wall running and swinging all the way until you reach the upper platform where the Echo is.
  • In the area where you fight the Tomb Guardian; there are a bunch of Skungus you can Force Push onto the gate; do it and grab the Echo.
  • Near the Tomb Guardian, there is a sphere in the lower areas that you can Push near the Tomb Guardian; freeze it in place and a platform will lower down. A chest and an Echo are on that platform.
  • In the Imperial Headquarters, go past the fan and up the path and you’ll see a small cutscene of an Imperial Transporter taking off. This Echo is on this platform on the left in a corner.
  • In the area to the right of the Meditation Point, there is a room which you can enter by slicing open the door.
  • In the area with the red laser door and a Purge Trooper, there’s a wall you can run on. Run on it to get to a new area, then take a sharp left. Pull the rope towards you to access this area with the Echo.
  • When you enter the waters in the Crash Site, head to the nearest island. Go up a small hill to find the Echo.
  • There is a cave near the place where you located the previous Echo; this Echo can be found further inside.
  • When you reach the Crash Site, go all the way to the right to find a rope you can climb up with. Enter the area and use the pulverisers to get on top of the ledge with the Life upgrade Echo on top.
  • On the Broken Wing, get to the electrified water area. Stop the water wheel from spinning and use it as a platform to reach the alcove on the left side, past the fan.
  • After solving the puzzle with the Overcharge switch and electrified water, take the lift up to the other side and go through the door.
  • On the Venator Wreckage, stop when you reach an area infested with Scazz. There is a grid you can climb to your left; at the top there lies the Echo.
  • In the Wreckage, you’ll reach with an active propeller; slow it down and pass through the area filled with electricity. In the proceeding room, stop the fans and reach the area with the Echo.
  • Shortly after you’ll reach a section that you need to cross by pulling some ropes towards you. Use the second rope to swing and double jump to the platform on your right where this Force upgrade Echo is.
  • Go to the area after finding a Meditation Point and cut through some cables to reach the Echo.
  • Keep moving ahead until you reach an area where multiple Stormtroopers are fighting a Jotaz.
  • You’ll find this Echo on a Stormtrooper’s corpse, just before reaching the elevator for the Imperial Dig Site.
  • In the Imperial Dig Site, after fighting the Stormtroopers on the bridge, go through into the interior of the ship. At the end of the first corridor on the right is a wall you can Force Push. Drop down to the bottom where the Overcharge panel is to unlock the shortcut and you’ll find this Echo.
  • After beating the Electrobaton Purge Trooper (and opening the Overcharged Panel) go through the door and take an immediate left. Wall run to reach an elevated platform.
  • Further on, you’ll reach an area where you’ll wall run between two walls and jump onto a rope. Don’t swing ahead, instead look back the way you came from and spot an elevated platform where you can now swing to.
  • In the same place as the Imperial Dig Site Stim Canister.
  • In the Tomb of Miktrull, after finding a Meditation Point, climb up some nearby vines; turn left after reaching the top and keep going until you find a Tomb Guardian. The Echo is near the Guardian.
  • On the other side of the candle wall, go through the door, open the gate using Force Pull and then go through and turn around to climb the vines on the door frame. At the top, jump to the branch on the right and over to this Force upgrade Echo.
  • Go to the other side of the room and Force Pull a candle and use it to burn the vines. Step through to claim the Echo.
  • On the way to the central area with the sphere, this will be right underneath the second door you have to open by pulling the counterweight and attaching it to the plinth. The Echo will be near a pot.
  • Go to the area with several circular platforms and switches that changes gravity. From that area, head to a section that contains a Skungus; Force Push Skungus through a breakable wall and get the Echo.
  • On the way back to the central area, switch the gravity on the bridge so you can Force Pull a candle towards you. Now, look to your left over the bridge to the vines hiding a Chest below. Force Push the candle to burn the vines. Run across a nearby wall and swing onto the platform with the final Echo of Zeffo.


  • After exiting the Mantis during your second visit to Kashyyyk, there will be a lone helmet in front of you; it contains the Echo.
  • From the Cargo Pad, keep going through the main door that gives you access to the next area, then turn right when you can and Overcharge the laser door with BD-1. Access the next area and use the switch found in the opposite corner from where you are to position the zipline to the right of the room, so that you can use it to access the Force upgrade Echo.
  • When making your way to the Refinery, you’ll have to wall run and then swing on a vine. Instead of continuing forward while swinging, turn around and swing up towards the wall you came from; examine the dead Stormtrooper at the top.
  • From the Imperial Refinery Meditation Point, Force Push the nearby pipe to create a new path; move forward until you spot some vines to your right. Cut the vines and go through the newly opened path.
  • On the Meditation Point near the Imperial Occupation, go to the back left corner and enter a dark cave.
  • In the area with the large turbine, slow it down with your powers and climb onto the ground. Shimmy on the grid to reach the next area and along the way you’ll find the Echo.
  • After pushing the button that activates the cells and frees the Wookiees, go back the way you came from and hang on the pipe that is above the area with the turbine. This will lead you to a new area with two fans you’ll have to Slow in order to find the Force upgrade Echo on the Stormtrooper corpse.
  • In the area containing the void and a non-moving turbine, jump down onto the turbine and turn around to discover a dead Wookie and an Echo.
  • Go up the ledge from the previous Echo and use the red ledges to climb higher. Before going to the room with a large fan, turn left and jump up to a grate.
  • In the Overgrown Pass, after crossing the metal bridge and encountering the Mykal, climb the nearby fence. Turn around and use a nearby rope to reach the other side.
  • Swing back to the original point and keep going forward.
  • From the previous Echo, move forward and wall run; the Echo will be near the spot where you land.
  • From the Kyyyalstaad Basin Meditation Point, go straight up the nearby hill.
  • When you reach the first fork in Gloomroot Hollow, go right.
  • On the next fork, turn left and go to where there are 3 Jaw Plants. Use them as platforms and make it to the final platform.
  • After jumping down from the previous point, you’ll crash through the floor. Climb back up and the Echo will be to your right.
  • In Origin Lake, locate the first Lung Plant, and from there jump into the water. Swim right until you spot a chest, next to which is an opening you can swim through; swim to the end and climb up some vines.
  • Go to the Origin Lake Meditation Point, wall run to the nearby platform and head for the Lung Plant; use the Lung Plant to launch yourself to the other island.
  • Bounce back to the previous island and turn left; the Echo is behind two doorways.
  • In the Shadowlands, swim to and through the waterfalls to reach the Echo.
  • From the Origin Tree Meditation Point, go straight ahead until you find an alcove. Continue forward and then take a left from the glowing mushrooms. Climb the long rope at the end and reach the Echo.
  • There will be a bridge nearby, run on the wall next to the bridge and reach the Lung Plant; you’ll be launched up to the platform with the Echo.
  • Continue the story until you reach the point where the Shyyyo Birds appear. Afterward, turn left to collect the Echo.
  • In the Gnarled Heights, after climbing the rope and jumping on two Lung Plants, take a right on the next section and traipse along the branches; on the next fork, turn left.
  • Go to the final Meditation Point of Gnarled Heights; from there, go straight ahead and take the first right.


  • On the Upper Strangled Cliffs, next to the hanging pods, wall run on two subsequent walls to reach a wooden platform.
  • From the Mother’s Bastion Meditation Point, turn around and jump onto the 2nd Swing higher and higher until you spot a wooden archway; jump onto that.
  • From the Upper Strangled Cliffs, to the right of the last Chest, look to a path you can go down and a box you can Force Push. Push it forward to the end and then left to drop it down to the next level. Then Push it again to the left until you can climb up some vines. Climb up and around and then drop down to this Life upgrade Echo.
  • In Brother’s Bastion, near the workbench where you can forge a dual lightsaber, go straight down the path until you spot some vines; climb up to reach the Echo.
  • From the Meditation Point in Collapsed Settlement, go through to a room with hanging pods and look left. Force Pull the gate, jump through and then climb the vines. Turn around and wall run past the pods to find this Echo.
  • On the center of the path to the Nightbrother corpse.
  • In the Halls of Nydak, in the area with the big trunk, push the platform down, then turn back on yourself and run across the wall to land on a small ledge with the Echo on top.
  • Go down to the Pit, the Echo is next to the crate you can Force Push.
  • From the Swamp of Sacrifice Meditation Point, there is a platform above the archway that you can double jump to.
  • Climb onto the left side of the arch and onto the branches. Drop down on the other side and look at the skulls.
  • Go around from the previous point, look for an orange flag.
  • Look for a movable rock wrapped with vines. Do not push the rock, instead climb up and search the upper platform for the Echo.
  • Force Push and Slow the rock so you can climb up to the end of a broken wooden bridge. Turn behind you and jump down and across to the platform to find this.
  • Drop down from the previous Echo location; go to the left and jump onto a nearby branch.
  • After fighting the beast in Witch’s Horn, climb the large wall and squeeze through the crack at the top.
  • After the flying sequence, go back to the pit where you originally fought against the monster and climb up the wall again. Squeeze through the crack one more time and go up the wall that you couldn’t finish climbing before. Then, go to the right of the platform for this Force upgrade Echo.
  • In the Nightbrother Dungeon, go under the bridge and look for a room on the left side.
  • In the Nightbrother Village, go forward from the Meditation Point until you spot a house with a blue and red symbol on it. Climb the ledge and drop into the room; turn left and go forward until you reach a fork in the road. Go left and keep going forward until you spot a barred window.
  • Exit the house, turn right and keep going straight.
  • When you get to the rope that acts as a shortcut, look down to the left and there’s a small gap between the wooden floor you’re on and another one. Look down into the gap to see this Echo you can drop onto.
  • In the Tomb of Kujet, from the Meditation Point, go ahead until you spot glowing vines. Climb up and enter a room with a campfire; the Echo is next to it.
  • Use a branch to get to the other side, and find the Echo in front of a shrine.
  • Squeeze through the narrow gap and in the next room climb up some more luminous yellow vines to find this.


  • After exiting your ship, go to the right and through a gap in the cliffs; wall run until you reach the end.
  • When you get to the giant stone structure which you can climb with your claws, climb to the very top and onto a platform. Follow it around to the left to find a crystal plinth containing this Echo.
  • In the Jedi Temple, jump into the water and go to the 2nd column on the left side; there is a hole behind the chest you can swim through. Climb the wall to reach the Echo.
  • From the Crystal Caves Meditation Point, jump to the nearby platform between the Jedi statues. Turn left, cut through icicles and keep going until you reach an area where you can slide down; wall run to the next platform and Push a rock on the platform to acquire the Echo.
  • After going between the Jedi statues, go right this time, jump across the gap and go left to see a rope you can Force Pull towards you. After a section of swinging, wall running and climbing, you’ll reach a pipe and can jump across to another one and then onto the platform with this Life upgrade.
  • Swing down to the platform from the previous point, and go through an archway. There should be a chest there, go behind it and wall run to a platform. Jump down to another platform and climb down a ledge below a wall you can run on.
  • In the circular area with the lightsaber workbench, on the opposite side of the room from the bench

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