Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Ability, Droid and Lightsaber Upgrades Guide

In this guide, you’ll find all of the abilities and upgrades available in Fallen Order. We’ve broken them down by...

In this guide, you’ll find all of the abilities and upgrades available in Fallen Order. We’ve broken them down by Force abilities, droid upgrades, and lightsaber upgrades. Most of these Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Ability, Droid and Lightsaber Upgrades naturally appear in the game as you progress through the story, but some may be hidden or you may miss them. Naturally, some of these are spoiler heavy so, you have been warned.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Ability, Droid and Lightsaber Upgrades

Below are all the upgrades and abilities you can acquire for Cal to change how you play Jedi Fallen Order

Force Abilities

If you were ever a star wars’ Jedi fan and wanted to be one well these are the abilities to get there, these are your awesome Jedi superpowers.

Wall run
This is the first ability you will unlock in Fallen Order. After getting to Bogano, keep heading down to the lowest level. You’ll find the ability in a long room with a big slope at the end. Just walk up and touch the handprint.

Force Push
In the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo, you’ll run into a long hallway with a locked door. Interacting with it will make you learn the Force Push.

Force pull
Sometime after acquiring the Force Push, you’ll explore the Tomb of Miktrull, also on ZeffoHere, you’ll find Force pull. A cut scene will trigger where you fall down and this causes you to remember a memory of the power and you will automatically learn this power, neat huh?


Jedi Flip
Right before you reach the Origin Tree on Kashyyyk, you’ll find a bunch of platforms of elevated platforms that you have to jump up. Just make the jumps a couple of times and you’ll automatically get a Force Vision(an old memory) teaching you to Jedi flip, this is the double jump in simpler words.

Droid Upgrades

Your droid companion will also learn new skills over the course of your journey. A couple of these upgrades will come up as part of the main story, but several others are optional and easy to miss.

Scomp Link
Once you have Force push, you can open the way to the scomp link, which lets you open up all kinds of doors and locked crates. After the temple of Eilram on Zeffo, return to the Weathered Monument’s meditation zone.

Jump off the small cliff and into the area full of stormtroopers, deal with them, and then use your force push power on the broken door behind them. Head on inside and you will see that you’re in a giant piece of machinery. Walk around and climb up to find a workbench. Interact with it to unlock the scomp link.

The Overcharge BD ability lets you power inert machinery that you otherwise couldn’t use. It’s found soon after you land on Kashyyyk, in the Forest Trench area. After you leave the Cargo Pad area, there are two sidepaths that lead to your right.

The first is blocked by a red force field. The second leads into a new room. Here you can see a workbench on the lower level, over to the right. This is where you collect Overcharge.

Powered Zip Line
It’s found in the Imperial Digsite on your way to the second tomb on Zeffo. It’s over on the right-hand side of the area, in a side room with two security droids. Approach the workbench and get the powered zipline upgrade.

Slice: Probe Droid
This is the last upgrade you can really miss. When you exit the second Zeffo temple and take the zipline up from a new meditation spot, you’ll find a bridge you need to Force push. Instead of doing that, look left to find a workbench. Interact with it to teach BD-1 to slice probe droids. Once you’ve unlocked Force Pull, you can grab Probe Droids towards you then slice them to bring them under your control.

Slice: Security Droid
This upgrade is trickily hidden. On the bottom edge of the Imperial Refinery on Kashyyyk, where there are the spinning turbines in the water, there are some ropes you can Force Pull and swing around the corner on.

This leads to a secret area around the back with a workbench. This upgrade lets you take control of these powerful enemies once they’re damaged, which is a strong ability, considering how difficult they are.

Lightsaber Upgrades

You can actually find this upgrade on multiple planets, and different members of our staff found this upgrade at different points in the story. It just depends on which workbench you encounter first, so feel free to choose from Dathomir, Bogano, or Kashyyyk.

Double-Bladed Lightsaber
The earliest place you can get the double-bladed lightsaber is from a workbench on Dathomir. After you finish your first visit to Bogano, you’ll have the ability to travel to either Zeffo or Dathomir. Zeffo is a very long planet, where you’ll learn a lot of new tricks, but picking up this upgrade will take a while. On the other hand, Dathomir is much harder than Zeffo, so only go if you’re confident in your skills.

  • Dathomir

On Dathomir, follow the only path you can go on. You’ll run into a hooded figure and a gap you can’t jump across yet, now look to your left and drop down, and follow a small path to a workbench. Interact with it to pick up the upgrade.

  • Bogano

If you don’t want to do Dathomir first, wait until you finish the first tomb on Zeffo. Once you have Force push and the scomp link, you can get into the Ancient Workshop on the third level of Bogano. You’ll find a workbench inside with this upgrade.

  • Kashyyyk

If you still don’t have it by the time you reach the final boss on Kashyyyk, you’ll run into an unmissable workbench right next to a meditation spot.

Split Saber
At the end of Dathomir, you’ll accidentally crush your lightsaber. The entire planet of Ilum exists to get the split saber upgrade, so you have no way to miss it. Just follow the objective markers through the cave to pick up Fallen Order’s final upgrade.

Other Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Upgrades

Underwater breather 
When you enter the Shadowlands in Kashyyyk, follow the objective marker and find Tarfful and Mari. After your chat, Mari will hand you the underwater breather

Climbing claws 
On Dathomir, you’ll have to go into the cave of a giant bat named Gorgara. After your first encounter with Gorgara, you’ll find a dead Nightbrother sitting against a wall, grab his climbing claws and use them to scale the cliff, and you will keep it permanently.

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