Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Crusher Hagop Boss Guide

In Jedi Fallen Order, you will face off Crusher Hagop boss twice. Once in chapter 3 while you are on Zeffo. Whereas the other fight will take place during chapter 4 in which you will face off the boss in arena battles. In this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Crusher Hagop Boss guide, we have the complete walkthrough on the Crusher Hagop boss fight so you can defeat this bounty hunter with ease.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Crusher Hagop Boss

Cal will be first attacked by Crusher Hagop after he visits the Tomb of Miktrull on Zeffo in Chapter 4. Crusher Hagop’s main attacks are through firearms. He will fire two types of shots at you: Regular Shots and Red Charged Shots. You can deflect the regular shots but not the red charged shots.

To avoid taking damage from the red shots, dodge before the hunter charges for the attack.

Crusher will also throw grenades at you and if you get hit by them, you will be blinded for a short period of time.

To escape this, try and move away from the explosion point. To damage Crusher Hagop, use your force powers as the Crusher does not wield the force in any way.

Use Force Pull and Force Push to counter Crusher Hagop. After each successful Force attack, Crusher will be weakened for a short period of time. Use your lightsaber to hit him while he is weakened.

The first fight will end with you losing, as Cal must be captured by the bounty hunter. Your hero will get paralyzed after a while, even if you’re doing well.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to fight with the bounty hunter again in the fourth chapter of the campaign.

The second encounter with Crusher Hagop will take place in an arena battle during Chapter 4. You will be forced to participate in the battles on the order of Sorca Tormo.

The battle will begin after you escape from prison. You will also have to free BD-1 from the prison before the fight.

Before you enter the arena, you will come across a meditation point. You must use it as you won’t be able to return to it before defeating all the opponents in the arena.

At the beginning of the battle, you will face some smaller and bigger monsters. Eliminate the weaker ones first and then concentrate on the big ones. Then defeat the big monsters one by one. Save BD-1’s healing charges for later as you will need them.

When you finish off all the monsters, Crusher Hagop will appear. This time it will be a fight till death. This time, Crusher will also have a new red attack in which he will rush at you with a shield. This will be a very dangerous attack.

To deal with this new attack, use your force ability to knock the enemy away from you. You can also try to dodge the attack.

The boss will also have his old attacks: Regular shot, Red charged shot and grenade attacks.

Keep using the dodge and lightsaber combo until his health depletes completely. You will win the arena fight and leave the prison to escape using the Mantis.

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