Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 5 Dathomir Walkthrough

Complete Chapter 5, Dathomor walkthrough for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order so that you won't miss anything.

In Jedi Fallen Order, Dathomir can be explored as early as Chapter 2 but you cannot fully explore it until you finish up all the events in Kashyyyk. In this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 5 Dathomir Walkthrough, we have everything about the planet and your task there.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 5 Dathomir

After you arrive in Dathomir, you will have to climb to reach the first area. There will be a monster there and the area can also be explored. You can take the fight if you want, but it’s better to just ignore the monster and look around.

Then move to the Strangled Cliffs on the map. When you reach there, wall run up and get to the higher ground. At the top of this area, there will be an option to cut a rope to create a shortcut for your return. Make sure you activate the shortcut.

After this, go and meet the Nightsister. She will not be pleased to see you and send Nightbrothers after you. Defeat them to continue.

The door in front of you will be locked, so you will have to take the other way. Be careful as Night Brothers will be hiding behind the doorways at many places in Dathomir. You will again face a set of Night Brothers and after clearing them, head up the stairs.

Keep making your way forward, cutting through the Nightbrothers. At one point you’ll reach an area with a campfire that looks like a dead-end, but you can Wall Run and jump for the branch to keep going.


Now you’ll find a door and to reach it you will have to jump down. The door will open for the fork in the road as well as a shortcut.

If you are exploring Planet of Dathomir for the first time, head to the workbench for a new lightsaber sleeve. You will also find a Life Essence at the end of the path.

Now head to the fork in the road and jump across to the Wanderer and talk about the Nightsister and the area. After the cutscene ends, jump across the gap and try to climb the wall.

The game will prompt that you need equipment to climb the wall. But as that happens, a Nightbrother will through a giant rock on the bridge which will destroy it. Get through the sliding bit and get ready to navigate the swamp.

Navigating the Swamp in Dathomir
In the swamp, climb up to reach the Meditation point. The door in front of you will be locked so you’ll have to go through the unexplored path on the other side. You will confront the Nightsister again, and this time she will send undead sisters spawn from the fleshy bulbs above you. Take them out and pull on the gate near you to move ahead.

Keep moving along the path, clearing out the enemies in your way. Then walk along the branches that are poking out of the cliff. Jump across to the second branch and pull at the gate to enter the tilted house. Navigate to the 2nd floor of the house and wall run to reach the far platform.

Here, you can take a lift to reach a shortcut and a chest. Loot it and head back up. Use BD-1 to scan the wall paintings which will spawn more enemies who you will have to fight.

In the area ahead, clear the enemies and take the higher path. When you reach a gate, push and wall run on it while it’s pushed up. This will take you to another meditation point. Move forward quickly to escape the ranged enemies and drop down to the next area. Here you will face off a Lesser Nydak who you will have to defeat in order to move on.

After killing the monster, move to the small area and look for a cage. Push the cage until you reach back to the main area and then push it against the wall to climb out.

Push through the weakened wall, then squeeze through the small area. Now you’ll be at the Nightbrothers’ village. Lower the bridge which will reveal you to the Nightbrothers. They will close the gates and start firing at you.

Sprint across the bridge and take a left towards a cave, slide down to reach a swamp. You will have to find the semi-hidden cave to the higher ground where there will be a meditation point. Eventually, you will reach a point where the only way forward will be to jump down.

In this big area, there will be a chest and something for BD-1 to scan. The middle path will have another chest and a Force Echo. From here, climb up the flora and cross the area through a branch. Continue ahead and drop down for a chest and the way forward.

As you move forward, you will face some nightbrothers. Kill them and use the shortcut rope. Head into the cave and rest as the Gorgara is coming for a fight.

How to defeat Gorgara
To defeat Gorgora, attack its legs to deal damage. It will be pretty fast so use Slow ability to reach it’s legs safely. Occasionally Gorgara will send wind blasts your way, so dodge them carefully. When it comes down Gorgara will also cause ground tremors, which you’ll need to flip over.

Eventually, Gorgara will leave at about a quarter of health. Examine the Nightbrother corpse and get a new upgrade–the Climbing Claws. They will help you climb surfaces you couldn’t before and also increase your speed while climbing.

Tomb of Kujet
Now you will have to make your way towards Tomb of Kujet. Squeeze through the next area and you will be back on the upper level of Dathomir. Walk along the branches and climb the wall on the left. Here you will face Gorgara again. Keep climbing and reach the clifftop. Here Gorgara will pick you up. Cal will stab Gorgara enough to drop him, and it’ll begin a sequence of falling through the air and trying to land on the beast’s back.

Eventually, Gorgara will crash which will kill it but you will be alright. Now head up the stairs on the right and climb the wall. Defeat the nightbrothers as you move forward. Now you will need to wall run across the gates to get across and then jedi flip to clear the next jump. Then climb down and hang from the branch to sneak into the Nightbrother village.

Make your way to the blue gate on the other side of the village. It will be locked so you will have to find another way to get inside. There will be a cage near you. Push it over to the gate and flip it up to grab a hold and pull yourself into the window.

Keep heading along the passage and eventually you will need to cross some planks to go forward. There will be a rope here for a shortcut. Continue and find a different rope to climb. You will also spot the Mantis. Kujet’s Tomb is very near from here.

Turn left and make your way through the passage to a door. Go ahead and flip over the pit and climb the wall. Head into Kujet Tomb. You will try to enter but won’t be able to. A meditation point will appear behind you. Meditate to start a cutscene where you will learn about the day Tapal died.

After this cutscene in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 5 Dathomir ends, you will face Cal’s old master. Take a few hits at him but it won’t hurt him. Cal will snap out of his trance, but not before breaking his lightsaber. Now defenseless, the only thing you can do is head out of the tomb, defeated.

After you come out, you will meet the Wanderer again, who reveals his real identity-Taron Malicos, a former Jedi. He will attempt to make Cal help him but the Nightsister will intervene. She will not be happy with Taron as he betrayed her.

She will send the undead sisters after the both of you, but without a lightsaber, you can’t defend yourself. Make a run for the Mantis, dodging the enemies in the way.

Once back on the Mantis and away from the immediate danger, Cal and Cere will have a talk about what to do next. It’s time to head to Ilum and the Jedi Temple, so Cal can repair his lightsaber.

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