Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 1: Bracca and Bogano Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is finally out and if reviews are to be believed, EA finally has a good Star Wars game on their hands. While technically not an RPG, Jedi Fallen Order borrows a lot from games like Dark Souls combined with the exploration formula of the Tomb Raider games. In this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 1 walkthrough, we will take you through the first chapter of the game as Cal’s quiet life becomes ruined when Imperial Inquisitors come to his planet to hunt a Jedi.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 1 (Bracca and Bogano)

You will start your Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order journey from the planet Bracca. First but of the story is pretty straight forward as you will be learning the moves and the game will be helping you do that.

You will start off as Cal Kestis. You will be on planet Bracca as an Imperial Scrapper, and have a partner named Prauf.

You will have to go higher up in the ship at the beginning to investigate something. You just follow Prauf and get used to the mechanics of running, jumping and squeezing through certain areas.

The things that you can interact with will be marked in red color at this point in the game but this will not be the case further in the game so keep an eye with everything that you interact with and how you interact.

Another scene will come and after that you will have to squeeze to the left and then the ladder that Prauf used will fall and you can then slide to the right.

In the next area keep an eye for the interactable things and make your way through the ship to outside.

Prauf will try to get you to the top and for that, you have to swing from lift to lift but during that, a cutscene will happen and you will save Prauf using Force.

You guys will head home and Cal will fell asleep on the train, and during that, he will have a vision from his former master Jaro Tapal.

When Cal wakes up he will find the train stopped, and Empire has found out about a Jedi among them and the Second Sister wants to know who is that.

Prauf will try to sacrifice himself to save Cal but soldiers will find out and Cal will end up falling onto a train.

From here the game will let you polish your moving as well as combat skills. Get used to combat, blocking, parrying, etc as they are very important in Star Wars Jedi.

At the end, Empire will take down the train and you will have to slide for a bit before you come face to face with the Second Sister.

You are not yet trained enough to face the Second Sister one on one so you just have to survive for some time and then some mysterious people on the Mantis will come and rescue you.

After that, they will explain how they are looking for Cal to help them restore the Jedi Order.

Your next stop is going to be the planet Bogano from here.

Bogano is the second planet on our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter 1 walkthrough and you are going to visit it once you are recruited by those mysterious people to get something important in restoring the Jedi Order. This planet will show you the real extent of the Purge and will show your true potential in helping to restore the Jedi Order.

Your first mission is going to be a Jedi test (given by Cere) that you need to pass before you can head out for other important mission for the Order.

Head out of your ship Mantis and first thing that you will get to are the Meditation points. They are there to save your game progress, allocate skill points and restore your health, so you can use them whenever you see them.

After meditation you will meet this little droid BD-1, he will accompany you on all your adventures and will guide you to the vault.

Bogano is a big planet filled with collectibles and now you have a bit more freedom to explore the world and if you go out, away from the guided path it will be worth your time.

There will be some points which you can’t just cross yet but after you progress through the main story you will be able to. Fight some enemies while exploring to get a hang of the Force Echo and game mechanics.

After that go to the path that BD-1 guides you to, and the droid will take you to a zipline and then help you down it, leading you to another meditation point which you should use and save the game.

From here take a right and there is something important behind those huge fans and you cannot jump on them. Use your Force ability to slow them down and then immediately jump on them and further down and there you will find Force Essence, it is going to increase your maximum force so keep an eye for them.

Get back to the meditation point and go the other way. There kill those monsters attacking BD-1 and again slow the fans and head down, there you will find workbench.

Workbenches have upgrades for BD-1 and you can customize your lightsaber here as well.

Fix BD-1 there and get through the open door and climb up the vines. Just stop thinking for a moment and swing at those live wires, it will throw you flying and BD-1 will give you healing stim and you will get introduced with a new healing mechanism other than those meditation points.

Get up and open those chests, they will give you some cosmetics upgrades to play with. Get outside and cut a rope nearby to have a shortcut and then keep moving to the guided path.

Take the zipline ahead and drop down and fight monsters there. There will be another chest make sure to check that out and then swing on the rope to next area.

From there head right and get another zipline. In the next area, you will face a huge monster that can easily kill you with one blow so your best bet is to sneak out of his way.

You will be able to sneak around when it is busy killing those little guys but if you run out of time you should use Force to slow it down and sprint past it and get on those vines.

At the top of the cliff is another meditation point, use it and get down on your left. Cal will remember some of his Jedi training and will be able to run along the walls.

Wall run until you get back to the previous area and then wall run again to get back to the meditation point and this time with your new ability, rather than going down to the monster, wall run to the nearby lift.

Here is a zipline shortcut, but it is going upward and you can’t go upward on a zip line once you have come down so just keep moving forward and zipline further down to the previous area and use the wall run to get across the pit and get to the vault.

Just ignore the vault and go to the other side on the big landmass and this will unlock two databank points with skeletons and an area to drop down and a shortcut to the first meditation point.

If you get inside the vault you will find some databanks and a meditation point. BD-1 will scan the center area and you will find a hologram of Cordova.

Cordova is worried about the info of the vault falling into the wrong hands and you will have to pass some other tests from Zeffo.

From there, BD-1 will scan some other walls and will discover Dathomir, it is another planet which is very dangerous just yet in the game but if you want a cool lightsaber upgrade you should visit it.

Now it’s time to get back to Mantis and you can take the same way as you came through and take that shortcut for first Meditation point.

From there it’s just a straight walk back to the ship and will let Cere know your next destination-Zeffo.