Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order AT-ST Guide

All Terrain-Scout Troopers are a staple of the Star Wars franchise, and they are now your opponents in Jedi Fallen Order. You will immediately encounter one when you try to leave Zeffo after your trip to the Tomb of Eilram.

They’re pretty easy to take down and this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order AT-ST guide will help you out.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order AT-ST

These vehicles are like bipedal tanks. They can run and hit you with three different attacks so they’re quite formidable. One of these are the blaster shots they will fire from the front of the mouth. This is the least damaging attack and you can deflect it back at the vehicle if you time it properly to do a little bit of damage. Blaster shots are a slow attack so should be pretty easy to deflect.

On either sides of the AT-ST are grenade and missile launchers that do a ton of damage to you so watch out. When these are fired at you, use Force Push to throw them back. Watch out of for the glowing laser to track when it is about to fire a missile so you can time the Force Push properly.

For the grenades, it mostly throws them on the ground so they are pretty easy to avoid and if you are close enough, you can even push some of them back and hit the AT-ST with them during the fight.

You can also run-up to the vehicle and then start swinging your Lightsaber at the legs until it deploys a grenade. Send this grenade back at the AS-ST to damage it and leave the pilot vulnerable. This is the riskiest but most effective way of taking them down.  Just be sure to finish off the pilot afterward, you might want to take pity on him but the guy won’t take pity on you and will immediately try to shoot you with a blaster after leaving the AT-ST.

Overall these vehicles shouldn’t give you too much conflict if you follow these methods since they are slower than pretty much everything you have fought so far including the Oggdo Bogdo. Just be careful about getting overwhelmed in the heat of battle.