Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Xbox Series Update Could Be Coming Soon

One of the last big hits of the previous console generation was Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which among many of its pros was praised for its graphics. It recently got a small graphics jump for current-gen, but there are hints that a Fallen Order Xbox Series update is coming too.

The reasoning behind this is apparently due to German classification documents that were leaked onto the internet for ratings purposes. An Xbox Series X version of the game was noted in these documents, but there’s no official confirmation yet, it’s still a pretty big hint.

With the power of the Xbox Series X, it’s very likely that a remastered version of the game developed specifically for the console could look absolutely amazing, and that’s with a game that already looks great just on Xbox One and Playstation 4. It might even add to the game’s considerable sales.

The number of enormous environments, along with the lightsaber and blaster bolts and various character models, could also stand to benefit from a Fallen Order Xbox Series update. With how some other games already slated for these consoles look, Fallen Order on PS5 or Xbox Series X, in Unreal Engine, will hopefully look amazing.

Another way that the game could benefit from a remastering is the environments. Fallen Order has a huge variety of sweeping vistas and enormous areas, whether it’s the crashed Republic cruiser on Zeffo, the Nightsisters castle on Dathomir, the scrapyard on Bracca, or the Tree of Origin on Kashyyyk.

However, once again, the ratings classifications are all the evidence we have right now, so it may come to pass or may not. Either way, if there is a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Xbox Series update at some point in the future, hopefully it will bring a whole new level of beauty to an already amazing-looking game.