What Does Ubisoft’s New Star Wars Game Mean for Fallen Order 2?

Star Wars is always a big inspiration in the world of video games. The franchise has given us a variety of titles in many different genres, from MMORPG to shooters to action games. Ubisoft has announced last week that they are partnering up with Lucasfilm in order to create a new open-world addition to the Star Wars franchise. What does this mean for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2? Will the adventures of Cal have a big competitor?

For starters, what the release of Ubisoft’s new Star Wars game means is the end of EA’s monopoly. For almost 8 years, Electronic Arts has created Star Wars games exclusively. Now, Ubisoft is breaking the norm, bringing a brand new open-world title into the mix.

Although the exact genre of the game is not yet certain, Ubisoft is a powerhouse when it comes to RPG titles. Given the publisher’s history with franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia, we could be looking at yet another RPG like Fallen Order. What would competition with the Star Wars Jedi series mean for the publisher?

We all know that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the forerunner when it comes to Star Wars RPG. The game was well-received by both critics and players. Electronic Arts has confirmed that a sequel is under development, making Fallen Order one of the best Star Wars games to ever release. The fact that two such games are coming in the future can only mean one thing.

Big competition makes great games. Also, we could see Electronic Games focus on Fallen Order 2 in order to release their game before Ubisoft. The world of video games is everchanging and every new announcement is a possible new favorite.

When it comes to Ubisoft, two things are certain. The publisher knows how to create memorable experiences, whether their titles are well received or not. Secondly, they won’t fear delays if it means their games will release with higher quality, much like what happened with Gods and Masters and Skull and Bones. So, it could take years before we see Massive Entertainment’s new game.

Massive Entertainment has dropped some hints on what their new game could be through their listings. We know that the team is looking for character riggers and technical animators as well as cinematic designers.

This could mean that we’re looking at a story-driven title which eliminates the idea that the studio is working on a basic shooter or a simple RPG.

Now that Fallen Order has paved the way to create high-end Star Wars titles, we’ll have more to talk about and spend time with. The “open-world” tag that we currently have for the new Ubisoft game in partnership with Lucasfilm Games opens up endless possibilities. Will it be an RPG? A shooter game? Anything could be possible given the quality of the Star Wars universe.

For the time being, we have no release date for new Star Wars games. Both Fallen Order 2 and Ubisoft’s open-world game are in development. We shall know more as soon as both publishers are ready to share more information.

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