Star Wars: Battlefront’s Developer Talks About the Creation of Sullust

DICE has published a lengthy post on the official Star Wars: Battlefront website, describing the process that went into creating the planet Sullust.

The planet acts as a major battleground for the game, and hence carries vital importance from a designing point of view. According to the developer, the planet is based off Icelandic geography. The team was on location to get a feel of the terrain and take plenty of concept shots of what they could possibly achieve.

“We wanted to create a planet on our own, first trying out different ideas and then deciding on a lava planet,” said Anton Grandert, Concept Artist at DICE. “With black sharp rocks, huge land shifts, red lava, turquoise lakes, and white smoke…everything to make it really colorful yet imposing and threatening.”

The new imaged (above) released today for Sullust (with TIE fighters) has been confirmed by DICE to be an actual in-game screenshot. It looks pretty beautiful.

A couple of hours ago, EA confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront would launch with twelve multiplayer maps. A followup comment clarified that this number does not include the maps featured in the free Battle of Jakku DLC.

Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled for an official release on November 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. That is if everything runs its due course and there are no technical delays.

Source Star Wars: Battlefront

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