Star Wars Battlefront Will Make Online Modes Available Offline in the Near Future

Star Wars Battlefront has produced mixed reviews and opinions, but there’s little doubt that it does manage to capture the feel and nostalgia that is associated with the franchise.

The game’s online multiplayer is fun, but its offline mode has plenty left to be desired. There have been requests flying around by players and fans that DICE add more content to the offline mode.

Thankfully, it seems like the developers are listening. On the official Star Wars Battlefront forums, a user named Caleb revealed that he had talked about the matter with an EA Customer Experience representative.

It seems that EA and DICE have been working on making the Star Wars Battlefront online modes available offline.

The EA Customer Experience official did not reveal the time frame or the release window for an update that would add this offline mode feature, but did confirm that the publishers have been work on it.

According to the representative, ‘they have progressed quite a bit.’

Star Wars Battlefront was much criticized for its lack of singleplayer experience, and a severely limited offline mode that hardly offered any depth and immersion. DICE and EA’s plan to add online modes to the offline version would allow players to practice and experience the game in a fresher way.

We’ll let you know as soon as we get official word of this update’s release window. Check back soon!

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