Star Wars Battlefront Update 1.11 Brings New Planet, New Mode, VR Stuff

The recent Star Wars Battlefront update 1.11 has brought a new planet with four new maps, a new game mode, and the VR DLC that will be required for the player to be able to play the Fighter Squadron missions, all of which is in promotion for the Rogue One movie coming out soon.

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The planet that we get in Star Wars Battlefront update 1.11 is the tropical world of Scarif, which in Rogue One is one of the major bases of the Galactic Empire, and is where the movie’s pivotal mission will be in order to steal the plans for the Death Star in order for the Rebel Alliance to destroy it.

The maps on the planet are a Shield Gate above the planet (the one opening in a planetary shield that protects the planet), a beach, a jungle, and a space landing pad for various ships. All of these maps will go through the Infiltration mode, the game’s newest play mode where players must break past the Empire’s orbital defenses in a U-wing (escorted by friendly starfighters), before landing on the planet, destroying a cargo ship to create a distraction, then steal the plans and make it back to the dropship to escape.

Also included in the Star Wars Battlefront update 1.11 is the Playstation-exclusive X-wing VR missions. They’re available for free, though in order to play them you’ll need a Playstation VR. The X-wing missions also tie into Rogue One, as you play a rookie X-wing pilot in the Rebel fleet whose group of fighters responds to a distress call from K-2SO and Cassian Andor, who are taking Jyn Erso (the movie protagonist) to Yavin 4.

With this new update finally coming out now for free, players can take part in their own mission to steal the Death Star plans before they go see Rogue One, which is coming to theaters on December 16.