Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition Preorders Open For $40 On PS4

It seems like EA and DICE are finally packaging Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition into one physical bundle, at least for PS4.

Scheduled to be released on 18th November, the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition compiles the Deluxe Edition of the base game, all 4 expansion packs of the Season Pass as well as the upcoming Rogue One: Scarif DLC themed after the spin-off movie releasing in December.

Ultimate/Premium edition of DICE’s multiplayer games isn’t exactly a new deal. EA has put out these complete editions of the games in the past as well, giving new players a chance to get all the content at a reduced price.

Buying the base game alongside season pass or premium service usually costs players around $100, on the other hand if they decide to wait around a year until all the DLC has released, EA ends up putting out an Ultimate Edition (in the case of Hardline and Battlefront) or Premium Edition (BF3/BF4) with a price tag of $60.

This is however, the first time that an ultimate edition is being sold this cheap, as the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is available to pre order on Amazon for $40.

Whether the complete version will be available digitally at this reduced price or on other platforms is unclear at the moment but given past record, EA wouldn’t want to miss up on this opportunity. It might end up putting life back into the player base.

A reduced price tag for Battlefront isn’t really a huge surprise though given the response the game received. Even before release, the shooter was criticized for lack of content and expensive season pass.

No wonder a huge amount of players quit the game early and didn’t even bother with the DLCs released later on. Hopefully Battlefield 1, which is now available to Early Enlisters, doesn’t end up with the same fate. Thankfully the early numbers don’t paint that picture.

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