Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 Playable at Over 3000 Walmart Stores This Weekend

If you want to try out Star Wars Battlefront on PlayStation 4 this weekend check your local Walmart store who may give you hands-on access to it.

While Xbox One users have access to Star Wars Battlefront through EA Access in the form of a free trial, PlayStation users have had to wait. If you want to have a try on the PS4 version though, it looks like Walmart may be giving people the chance.

According to VG247 Walmart are providing shoppers with the chance to get a hands-on try of Star Wars Battlefront. People who want something a little different will also find that they can play Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars in store on the PlayStation 4 too, which is part of an exclusive bundle that Walmart are selling.

Over 3000 of the stores around the United States will be decorated with a Star Wars theme including the Millennium Falcon, the Rebel Alliance and of course the Galactic Empire. Walmart will be selling Star Wars figures for Disney Infinity as well as the Darth Vader-themed PS4 controller.

With controversy building up around the release, EA will still be hoping for strong sales for the game. Star Wars hype is high right now, and with nostalgia for the original films as well as anticipation for the The Force Awakens growing there will no doubt be plenty of people wanting to buy it.

Now that people are getting a go on the full version of the game it will speak for itself, especially for the Xbox One players who have had plenty of chance to get a feel for what to expect. Whether this Star Wars experience lives up to what people want is another matter.

Will you be trying Star Wars Battlefront out? Or have you already done so through EA Access? Give us your opinion on the game below.


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