Star Wars Battlefront Free January DLC Content Includes New Map and Outfits

Star Wars Battlefront is receiving its next update this month, expected to improve the overall gameplay and make balancing tweaks.

DICE has also confirmed that free DLC pack will also be released for all users alongside the update. Now, we have the information of what the upcoming DLC pack will hold.

In a new video shared by EA Brasil, the publisher revealed the various additions that will be coming to the game. Star Wars Battlefront is going to get a new Tatooine map. In addition to this, there will also be new outfits for Luke Skywalker and Leia.

It is also confirmed that these free additions are not a part of the Season Pass, but extras. Star Wars Battlefront has already been treated to additional content previously. The Battle of Jakku DLC was initially awarded to those who pre-ordered the game, later becoming available for everyone on all formats. It also added a new game mode called ‘Turning Point.’

The new free DLC pack and the update are expected to be released within a few days, and certainly before the end of this month.

It was also revealed towards the end of last year that EA and DICE had plans to make the online modes available offline in a future update. Sadly, the January update isn’t the one.

The video also revealed new additions and updates for other titles.

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