Star Wars Battlefront: EA Considers PS4 as Lead Platform

Among a ton of other games that were featured at E3 2015 was Star Wars Battlefront which is supposed to be one of the bigger releases that are coming our way this year in an almost filled to the brink month of November.

You might have got the idea already, but we have word that Electronic Arts is considering PlayStation 4 to be the lead platform for the next installment in the Star Wars saga.

It was hinted at during the E3 gameplay demo which the developers claimed to have captured in-game using a PlayStation 4 console. However, one of the representatives of Electronic Arts also confirmed it in a statement given to a website.

The unnamed representative in question said that “PS4 is the lead platform for now” while explaining why they had not chosen any other console to play the game at the mega event.

He added that all development builds being made right now are all running at Sony’s latest console and if you checked out the EA booth at E3 2015 you would have seen that even there, Star Wars Battlefront was only being run on PlayStation 4.

Despite all this, the game is being developed for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 4. The game is set for a release on November 17, 2015.

Did you check out the Star Wars Battlefront gameplay demo shown by the developers at E3? If not, check it out below and tell us what you think about it in the comments section.

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