Star Wars Battlefront Beta Black Screen, Crashes and Fixes

How to fix black screen, crashes, missing dll and other related issue in Star Wars Battlefront beta.

Star Wars Battlefront beta is well underway and like every beta, it has its fair share of issues. Some of these can simply be fixed by small workarounds while some actually need patches from the developers themselves. The issues also vary from platform to platform, with the PC version having more issues as well as more solutions.

If you are facing any issue that prevents you from playing the game, read on for possible solutions.

Either one or maybe all of the following steps might be required for you to fix each issue. Sadly there is no confirm way to telling what could be causing it in your case so try each solution and then check the game before heading to the next solution.


Black Screen at launch:

  • Update graphics card driver to the latest provided by the manufacturer
  • Reinstall Origin (not the game). Make sure you don’t uninstall Origin, but use the setup to install over the current installation
  • Disable SLI/CrossFire
  • Turn off background softwares like TeamViewer, Skype or any overlay software such as MSI AfterBurner, FRAPS and even Nvidia Shadowplay
  • Laptop users should try to force the game to use Nvidia/AMD graphics cards
  • Windows 7 users should make sure they have Service Pack 1 installed
  • Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements of the game

Stuck at “Press Enter to Start”:

  • Try plugging in a gamepad/controller
  • Windows 8/8.1 users should try disabling UEFI secure boot
  • Force the game to use dedicated GPU instead of the onboard one
  • Try to use the on-screen keyboard from Start Menu
  • Laptop users can try hooking upto an external display using HDMI cable
  • Try running the game in windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter or add “-windowed” in launch options

Game Crashes on PC:

Older GPUs might be causing the game to crash so players can try to fix the issue by Right-clicking on the game in Origin library, choosing Game Properties and type in “-novid –noborder –windowed” in the box, without the quotation marks. Also make sure to disable Origin In-Game in the settings.

Missing DLL MSVCP120.dll:

If players get an error message saying the specified dll file is missing, they should reinstall Visual C++ Redistributables according to their OS.

Beta Download not finished:

The game size on consoles is around 7GB and around 11GB on PC. It’s possible that they download was interrupted somehow and then fails to restart. In this case players should

  • Disconnect their router for approximately 1 minute and then turn it on again
  • Consoles players should power cycle their consoles (disconnect from the internet, press and hold the power button for a while to restart the console)
  • PC gamers can try reinstalling Origin and then launching it as Administrator

Miscellaneous issues:

There can be some other graphical or other technical issues with the game not mentioned above. Personally I encountered an issue with the game’s FoV on PC. Altering the field of vision from default (55) to 75 made the game extremely blurry even when Motion Blur was at 1%. On Hoth it seemed as if someone smeared white chalk all over my screen. So If you faced this issue, try reverting back to default FoV.

Nvidia Shadowplay can also sometimes cause crashes, especially when using the Shadow mode to save gameplay. Try using Fraps instead if your game crashes while saving Shadowplay footage.

If you are having lag spikes in the game, try turning off VOIP applications such as Skype or Teamspeak.

The party system in the game is bugged at the moment and can only be fixed by DICE through a patch. You can however use the Partner system with a friend and spawn on them instead of letting the game assign you random partners.

If you are facing random stutters during gameplay, try lowering down Resolution Scale. Alternatively if your frames suddenly drop drastically even though your system meets the minimum requirements, try moving the game to a SSD.


Did these solutions fix your issues? Do you have any other tips to share? Comment below.

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