Star Wars: Battlefront 2 The Cleaner Walkthrough – Rescue Iden Verso, Escape Through The Airlock

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 The Cleaner Walkthrough will help you with the first mission of the game that will see you rescuing Iden Verso and escaping through the airlock.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Star Wars Battlefront. Unlike the first game, Star Wars Battlefront 2 features a single-player campaign. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 The Cleaner Walkthrough will help you with the entire mission.

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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 The Cleaner Walkthrough

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 The Cleaner Walkthrough will detail all there is to complete the first single-player mission of the game.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 The Cleaner Walkthrough

As the mission starts players will be playing as a droid to free Iden Verso from her imprisonment. Follow the Rebel computer terminals lining and you will be inside and all you need to do is press the button prompts to hack the security feed.

Rescue Iden Verso
Once the door open, you need to escape through the ventilation shaft just above the door. Make your way through the ventilation shaft and be careful of an ion wall that will destroy the droid. Exit the ventilation when prompted and you will see two rebels in the room that the droid need to get into.

Hack the door and wait for the rebels to go their separate ways and get inside, zap them if you want otherwise just go down the corridor. Ahead a group of rebels will appear, fo left and again inside the ventilation shaft and make your way through it.

You will find another ion wall in the ventilation shaft, keep going forward and exit the shaft. Now you need to deactivate ship’s power grid to make your way through. Use the scan function to see where the rebels are and move accordingly without being seen. Follow your objective marker and eventually, you will be reunited with Iden Verso.

Now you are in control of Iden Verso. Command the droid to open up the door and kill the rebel outside. Move forward and you will come up to another door which you will have to open up by commanding your droid.

The area through the door will be quite large and there will be rebels in a large amount bring briefed and you need to sneak past them. After that, you will come up to a large room with multiple levels with a group of rebels. Wither sneak through or go guns blazing, it’s your choice.

Make your way down the corridor and kill all the rebels along the way to the communications room. Eventually, you will come up to a rebel officer, whom you have to kill and your droid will retrieve the data from his computer and its time for you to make your way to Invincible Faith.

Get To The Airlock
To Get to the airlock and your droid will open the door, however, prepare for a fight as you have to fight your way through to the airlock. Kill all the rebels that come your way while moving towards the airlock. Have your droid open the door for you which are blocking your way, and while it does defend the position.

As soon as the door is opened go through it and head to the objective marker. Along the way, you will face some heavy resistance, particularly in the Planning Room, as there will be some heavies attack you. Once the Planning room is clear make your way down the corridor and kill any rebel along the way so you can get to the airlock.

You will come up to another locked door, use the droid to open the door and prepare to defend this position. Once the area is clear the door will open and make your way to the airlock. A cutscene will start.

That is all for our Star Wars: Battlefront 2 The Cleaner Walkthrough with tips on how to free Iden Verso and escape through the airlock.

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