Star Trek: The Video Game Research Items Locations Guide

Star Trek: The Video Game has released quite a bit before the upcoming movie and there are a surprising number of collectibles that can be found in it. One kind of collectible is called the Research Item.

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Star Trek: The Video Game Research Items Locations

The research items come in all shapes and sized. All you have to do to collect one is to scan it. It’s important to know that there are certain general research items that are not tied to any one location in a chapter.

You can collect these items from fallen enemies or weapons. Each piece of research data is unique, so you’ll still be able to get the Researcher (20G) achievement for collecting half of them and the Fascinating (50G) achievement for getting them all.

Without further ado, let’s get into the guide:

Chapter #1: Helios-1

1# Vulcan Hypospray
Location: Early on, when you hack the door to save the Vulcan, check out the window opposite to the one next to the hacked terminal. Scan the item here.

2# Helios Engineering Schematic
Location: After reaching the command center, look at the hologram floating in the center of the room. It can be scanned.

3# Tribble #1
Location: Found right after you take the elevator up to the airlock. Leave the elevator and walk down the hallway while keeping an eye out for a broken door. You should see a pyramid shaped object on the other side. Scan the Tribble sitting on top of it.

4# Helios Control Cluster
Location: This will be right in front of you after the scene where you meet T’Mar, as soon as you regain control of your character.

Chapter #2 – New Vulcan

5# Vulcan Desert Grass
Location: This is on the ground right next to you as the chapter begins. Scan it.

6# Vulcan Cactus Cluster
Location: This is also very close to you just as the chapter starts. Scan it.

7# New Vulcan Avian Scavenger
Location: This strange creature can be found on the roof of the first building you can enter.

8# Tribble #2
Location: After leaving T’Mar, you’ll step out onto a bridge. Look to your left to spot this under the lip of the building.

9# Vulcan Corpse
Location: After you enter the Unfinished Tower, there will be several bodies on the floor. Scan any one of them.

10# Unknown Structural Damage
Location: You will find some strange green stains on the floors and walls in the first room of the tower. Scan any one of these.

11# Unknown Blood Sample
Location: Just before you leave this room look for a red spot on the floor and scan it.

12# Helios Device #1
Location: After you enter the Vulcan Research labs look left around the corner and you can scan this device against the glass.

13# Helios Device #2
Location: To the right of the previous Helios Device is a desk with some computer screens. One of these can be scanned.

14# Helios Device #3
Location: This one can be scanned in the back of the room where you find Surok.

15# Unknown Breaching Tool
Location: A little while later, in the second part of the Vulcan labs, past the point where you obtain some stun grenades, you will reach an area apparently wrapped in plastic. There is a strange device here you can scan.

16# Unknown Assault Equipment
Location: When you reach the Vulcan Laboratories again keep an eye out for a room with a small fire against the wall. To the right of the fire there is a small object on the ground you can scan.

17# Unknown Hacking Tool
Location: In the next hallway, there will be a strange thing attached to the wall. It can be scanned.

18# T’par Memorial
Location: While doing the Vulcan Escape, look for the spinning rock structure near your entrance at the large open area.

19# Sh’tok Memorial
Location: In the central part of the large open area, you will see this slab of rock (in front of the last research item). Scan it.

Chapter #3 – Frontier Starbase

20# Atmospheric Calibration Unit
Location: After using the transporter, go forwards towards all the computer consoles. One of them can be scanned.

21# Starbase Command Console
Location: After the ship comes under attack and you regain control, scan the console ahead against the glass.

22# Commodore’s Chair
Location: You can also scan the big chair here. Do so.

23# Epidermal Analyzer
Location: Past the first turret a portion of the hallway is blocked by burning debris. Follow the hallway to the left to make a large u-turn, bringing you to the other side of the wreckage. You’ll spot an open doorway by the flames. Just inside, you can scan this object atop a table.

24# Neurocortal Monitor
Location: As you’re going to free Bones and come to the room with the doors that need prying, head opposite the doors into the next room. Along the window is another object for scanning.

25# Osteogenic Stimulator
Location: After the power is restored, one of the doors that can now be opened will lead to a room with several medical chairs. There is an item behind them on a table you can scan.

26# Tribble #3
Location: There is a large machine with a mine attached to its side in the Biolabs. Climb to the top of this machine and you will find a scannable object on top.

27# Walgettian Fire Blossom
Location: On the ground level of the Biolab, scan the console next to the broken, flaming pipe in one corner of the room.

28# Yolendran Spittle Pods
Location: In the opposite corner from the last research item is another console you can scan.

29# Flowering Phistella Sporophyte
Location: In yet another corner of the same room is a third console to scan.

30# Survival Pack Requisition
Location: When you cross the short bridge after the pod crashes, Gorn Rushers will charge at you from a hallway. Take them out and head down that hallway to find this along the wall.

31# Remote Comms Package Requisition
Location: There is a large stack of crates near the wreckage that you see when you emerge from the hatch. This lies atop that stack.

32# Compact Medkit Requisition
Location: Once you are asked to reach the power station, go across the gap towards the door by the fire. There is a crate here with an object you can scan on top of it.

33# Starbase Comms Relay
Location: Found in the room in the power station where the Gorn observer appears. Get on the walkway in the center of the room to find this console you can scan.

34# Starbase Armory Data
Location: Soon you will enter a room where some Gorn are fiddling with the door consoles. One of the consoles in the middle of the room can be scanned.

35# Starbase Power Unit
Location: When you reach the console that needs to be powered before it can be hacked, look up at the screen above it: it can be scanned.

36# Gorn Weapon Research #1
Location: After the bit where you use the spriklers to put out a blaze and rescue some Starbase personnel, head left into the now accessible doorway. Take another left and you’ll see some papers on the floor, ready to be scanned.

37# Gorn Weapon Research #2
Location: Proceed as normal until you are attacked by Gorn Drones and Initiates. Before leaving this room, look to the right of the door to spot another paper stack on the ground you can scan.

38# Gorn Weapon Research #3
Location: There is another stack of papers you can scan directly in the next room.

39# Gorn Weapon Research #4
Location: Not long after the last item, you’ll descend some ledges into another large, flaming room where Gorn Drones attack. Just left of your entrance is a broken ramp. Head up it to find one last stack at the end of a hallway.

Chapter #4 – Volatile Cargo

40# Turbolift Repair Kit
Location: Found quite a ways into the second part of the chapter, while you’re searching the quarters, look for a turbolift. Go left through a blue panel door next to the lift. You will find a device you can scan on top of a desk.

41# Quarantine Control Console
Location: On the second floor of the same room you can find a console. It can be scanned for a research entry.

42# Tribble
Location: When you’re chasing the Gorn through the hangar, you will see a row of docked ships. After reaching the final one, turn around to see this item hidden among the crates next to the ship.

Chapter #5 – Gorn Planet

43# Sentinel Statue
Location: You will be able to scan this statue to your left as soon as the chapter begins.

44# Grand Chest
Location: The path splits just as you pass the statue. Head up the slope to spot a large chest you can scan.

45# Golem Statue
Location: This is another statue you can scan past the previous item.

46# Companion Statue
Location: The last statue you can scan here is just a little further. Try to spot a campsite under the overarching rock to find it.

47# The Lymax #1
Location: A little further, after you encounter the invisible Gorn scouts. You’ll find a bridge that needs extending. There is a Lymax body in the grass nearby you can scan.

48# The Lymax #2
Location: After reaching the security center, you’ll have to head into the tunnels below to disable the coolant system. Do so, and head just past the first power cell to find a Lymax in a cage. He can be scanned.

49# The Lymax #3
Location: In the back of the security center is an ammo station and another Lymax floating in a tank. The tank can be scanned.

50# Glowflower
Location: During the sub-chapter ‘The Apple Part 1’, after you swim through the first tunnel, slip through a narrow passageway through the rock. On the other side you will find this plant ready to scan.

51# Water Cabbage
Location: Also in part 1 of ‘The Apple’. Just after the last item, swim through the next tunnel. At the bottom of the tunnel, while swimming, you can scan this plant.

52# Stalactites
Location: After you surface after swimming through the tunnel with the last item, you’ll find yourself very close to these.

53# Crystal Formation
Location: After you run across the dogs, you’ll climb a tall rock wall and reach a large chasm. The rock formation directly in front of your entrance can be scanned.

54# Instruments of Science? #1
Location: In the second part of ‘The Apple’, after you see the enslaved Lymax, you’ll cross a thin bridge. Cross it and head up the next flight of stairs and turn right. You’ll find this on a crate in the back of the area.

55# Instruments of Science? #2
Location: From the last item, extend the bridge in front of the doorway nearby and cross. In the back of this small area, you’ll find another instrument.

56# Instruments of Science? #3
Location: Still in ‘The Apple’ part 2, proceed towards the complex until you reach a turret guarding the entrance. Past it you will find this research item on a crate.

57# Tribble
Location: There is a teleporter near the last item. Use it to reach a high ledge with some flame jets. Past them is a small alcove where you will find the Tribble.

58# Instruments of Pain #1
Location: Enter the prison section in ‘The Apple, part 3’. When you get here, you’ll have two objective markers. Go to the one straight ahead. Look left for a holding cell to find this tool next to a Lymax corpse.

59# Instruments of Pain #2
Location: After completing both markers, you’ll be guided into another area by another waypoint. In this area, you’ll find Commodore Daniels in a cell. There are two doors on the left side of the room that let you sneak to the other end. Inside you will find this on top of some crates.

Chapter #6 – Enterprise Capture

60# Gorn Tech #1
Location: Right in the beginning, in the ‘Break In’ part of the chapter, you’ll find this on top of a crate just before exiting the first hallway.

61# Gorn Tech #2
Location: In the second room, look for this item on a chair next to a console/desk.

62# Gorn Tech #3
Location: Just before leaving the pipe room, look at the foot of the terminal to spot the final tech piece.

63# How Warp Drive Works #1
Location: After the scene in part 2 of ‘Taking Back the Ship’, once back in control, unlock the door and head straight ahead through the next one, ignoring the objective marker to your left. In the next room, go down the stairs and scan the computer terminal to the right.

64# How Warp Drive Works #2
Location: Now proceed into the large area you need to clear of Gorn. The massive pipes that run through the center of the room can be scanned.

65# How Warp Drive Works #3
Location: On one end of this large room you will find a large column. It can be scanned.

66# The Warp Core #1
Location: In the first room of the upper floors (when you head there), you will find this large computer next to a chair.

67# The Warp Core #2
Location: When you get to the large room with the Gorn that need clearing, head to the left side of the cores. There are some terminals over here that can be scanned.

68# The Warp Core #3
Location: After the last item, head to the second level of the room. In the center is another terminal to be scanned.

67# Sickbay Equipment
Location: In the ‘Spread the Cure’ sub-chapter, proceed as normal until you’re asked to power on the lights. Follow the waypoint until you come to a fork where the marker is to the left side. Go right to find a medical chair with this machine next to it.

68# Sickbay Gurney
Location: After activating the power, head back to the sickbay. Go right after forcing open the door and enter an infirmary. Scan the gurney here.

69# Tribble #6
Location: Unlock the door in the back corner of the infirmary where you found the last item. There is a Tribble in here.

Chapter #7 – Mothership

70# Gorn Metal #1
Location: This one is found as soon as you land on the mothership’s hull. The large wire outside can be scanned.

71# Gorn Metal #2
Location: There will be two triangular objects just past the security camera. Scan them.

72# Gorn Experiments #1
Location: At the end of the hallway with the security camera, move left to the edge of the balcony. There is a large piece of debris you can scan here.

73# Gorn Experiments #2
Location: Some time after you are asked to disable the ships weapons, you’ll come to a long room with a security camera in the center. Stay on the right side of the room and enter the hatch just past the camera. There is a large object down here you can scan.

74# Gorn Species Research #1
Location: As you proceed forward after the last item and get to the end of the room, take the door in front instead of following the waypoint to the left. There is a console here you can scan.

75# Tribble #7
Location: This can be found in the far back of the same room. Check out the back right corner to locate it.

76# Gorn Species Research #2
Location: Go back to the lengthy room from before and head toward your objective. Check out the console underneath the second security camera. You can scan it.

77# Gorn Species Research #3
Location: In the room after the long one, proceed on the path to the left, but unlock and take the first door on the right. In here, a Gorn is using a console that can be scanned.

78# Gorn Experiments #3
Location: Past the room where you see the large climbable columns. There will be a hallway where you find a containment unit in the middle of the room that can be scanned.

79# Gorn Experiments #4
Location: In the room after the last item, go right. There is a large object on the wall here that can be scanned

80# Gorn Advanced Tech #1
Location: In the Sabotage sub-chapter, the large supercomputer you disable can also be scanned.

81# Gorn Advanced Tech #2
Location: When proceeding to the core. After you’re done with the supercomputer, head through the teleporter and turn around. This console can be scanned too.

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