Star Trek: The Video Game Audio Logs Locations Guide

Star Trek: The Video Game has released quite a bit before the upcoming movie and there are a surprising number of collectibles that can be found in it. Some of the most important are the Audio Logs.

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Star Trek: The Video Game Audio Logs Locations

The Audio Logs work in pretty much the same fashion they do in other game such as Bioshock and Dead Space. You find one up, you pick it up, and then you’re treated to some bonus story exposition that details the background of some character or event.

Finding the Audio Logs also unlocks two achievements. Collecting half of all the logs will net you the ‘Listening In’ Achievement (20G) while locating all of them gets you ‘The Whole Story’ (50G). So without further ado, let’s get into the guide:

Chapter #1: Helios-1

Audio Log #1
Location: Early on, when you hack the door to save the Vulcan, check out the corner of the room near the hacking station. The log is lying on the ground here.

Audio Log #2
Location: Found right after you take the elevator up to the airlock. Leave the elevator and walk down the hallway while keeping an eye on the left. You should see a table with this log on it before long.

Audio Log #3
Location: After the scene where you meet T’Mar look left when you regain control of your character. The Audio Log is on another table to the right in this room.

Chapter #2: New Vulcan

Audio Log #4
Location: Found a little bit after entering the Vulcan Laboratories. After accompanying Surok deeper into the colony keep a lookout for a dead Vulcan at a desk. There is a log behind this desk.

Audio Log #5
Location: Soon you will spot an infected Vulcan behind a window. Enter the room and take him down. Now hack the door at the other end of the room and enter to find this log on top of a crate.

Audio Log #6
Location: Found in Surok’s Laboratory. When you reach the room with the fire out front take a peek behind the desk to the left to find this thing

Audio Log #7
Location: Eventually you will get into a fight with a Gorn Brute. After the fight, this log is found in the next room. Look left as you enter, next to the dead Vulcan.

Audio Log #8
Location: When you reach the Vulcan Laboratories again keep an eye out for a room with a small fire against the wall. A few doors after this you will reach a room with a conference table in it. There is a log on this table.

Audio Log #9
Location: Soon after the last log you will come to a room where you need to cross some electrified water. Go to the door that isn’t your objective. There you will find the log on the floor next to a chair.

Audio Log #10
Location: In the room directly after the last log you’ll get booster to the ceiling to access a locked lab. Look right as you enter to find another log.

Audio Log #11
Location: After Kirk’s leg gets healed in the medical lab, look around on top of the nearby tables to find another log.

Chapter #3: Frontier Starbase

Audio Log #12
Location: After you are asked to give up your weapons, go left through the green door. This log is on the table here.

Audio log #13
Location: Eventually you will get into a firefight in a mess hall. There is an Audio Log on the table on the top floor here.

Audio Log #14
Location: As you head towards the Shuttle bay, keep an eye on the right as you pass through the first hallways for a green door. Head through and go to the back of the room to find this audio log on a shelf.

Audio Log #15
Location: When you emerge from the hatch on the other side of the burning ship, proceed up the short staircase to the center area. There is a pile of crates here and you will find a log on them.

Audio Log #16
Location: Found in the center of the ground level of the power station. There is a door that can be pried open here and the log is on a box at the end of the hallway.

Audio Log #17
Location: In the Relay Tower use the ETT to pass the first bit of debris and go to the back right of the following room. There is a log on top of a desk back here.

Audio Log #18
Location: In the zero gravity section, proceed forward until you reach the open room where Gorn Drones attack. Here you’ll find an audio log floating amongst the debris.

Chapter #4: Volatile Cargo

Audio Log #19
Location: Near the beginning you have a chase scene with a Gorn Lieutenant. After Uhura says that it’s heading down to the officers’ quarters you should come across two corpses. The log is on the floor between them.

Audio Log #20
Location: Upon entering the large room, head right to find a large red bench where this audio log rests.

Audio Log #21
Location: After entering the first large room, go up the stairs and turn to the left corner. You should find an Audio Log on top of a table in these quarters.

Audio Log #22
Location: Again from the entrance of the first large room, go to the bottom right corner to see a door with a blue panel. Inside, you will find another audio log on top of a desk.

Audio Log #23
Location: You will find two large staircases in the same room. Take the one going down to find this audio log atop a crate.

Audio Log #24
Location: A bit later, when you’re making your way through the turbolifts, proceed as normal until you reunite with your partner. Now go down the slope and straight to find and ammo and a med station. There is a log between the two.

Chapter #5: Gorn Planet

Audio Log #25
Location: Proceed through the level until you enter the complex in ‘The Apple, Part 2’. Hack the door straight ahead as you enter to unlock it. Go into the room beyond and look left to find this next to a chest.

Audio Log #26
Location: Enter the prison section in ‘The Apple, part 3’. When you get here, you’ll have two objective markers. Go to the one that’s not straight ahead. You will come across a holding cell. Inside is an audio log in the hands of a dead crew member.

Audio Log #27
Location: After you complete both objectives, you’ll get another waypoint. Follow it, but head straight instead of turning left at the fork. Hack the door and enter. Turn right to find another audio log atop a crate.

Chapter #6: Enterprise Capture

Audio Log #28
Location: Just as you break into the ship, turn around. Step forward and look to the right to spot this audio log next to a console.

Audio Log #29
Location: Right after heading through the first door, look down and to the right and you’ll see another audio log on the floor.

Audio Log #30
Location: Eventually you reach a room with a bunch of large yellow/orange pipes. Follow the path from the terminal. After two quick rights, you’ll see this log on the ground near some boxes.

Audio Log #31
Location: During the ‘Taking Back the Ship’ sub chapter, you’ll come across a large room with two turrets and several Gorn. Head to the back left corner of the room to find this audio log on some crates.

Audio Log #32
Location: After the scene in part 2 of ‘Taking Back the Ship’, once back in control, unlock the door and head straight ahead through the next one, ignoring the objective marker to your left. In the next room, an audio log lies atop a stack of crates near the staircase.

Audio Log #33
Location: Head to the second level of the large room where the Gorn need clearing. Go to the booth above where you entered the area and you’ll find the log in one of the corners.

Audio Log #34
Location: In the ‘Spread the Cure’ sub-mission, once you restore power to the area, you can access a room next to the power supply on the upper level. Unlock the door next to the room where you turned on the upper power supply. There is a log on a desk inside.

Audio Log #35
Location: After activating the power, head back to the sickbay. Go right after forcing open the door and enter an infirmary. There is a log here on a desk.

Audio Log #36
Location: In part 2 of ‘Spread the Cure’, when you reach the red hallway with flames at the end, take the first left. You’ll find an audio log on a stand in this small room.

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