Star Fox Zero Vehicles Guide – Attacks, Maneuvers, Tips

In Star Fox Zero, your very own Great Fox mothership has a plethora of powerful vehicle – aerial and land. One of the best things about the Great Fox is that it roams in low orbit and is accessible most of the time.

Due to this fact, should you find yourself in a tough situation, your desired vehicle is always ready to rock and roll.

This guide details all the available Star Fox Zero vehicles, their attacks, and how to use them effectively:

After gathering Medals in Main Missions, you would be able to use Roadmaster in optional missions. It is basically Direct-i driving a buggy equipped with a laser cannon. This laser cannon can be charged to deal damage equivalent to that of a missile shot.

While the Landmaster has low mobility, it makes up for it with increased firepower and armor. The Landmaster also has a laser cannon that deal more damage than laser strikes from the Arwing. In addition to this, it also packs smart bombs.

The Landmaster also has a state-of-the-art tracking system allowing it to lock-in 3x units at the same time and shoot them simultaneously without any upgrade. Due to this fact, the Landmaster is a good option for clearing out groups of enemies in no time.

Last but not the least, there is the Gravmaster upgrade which allows you to head into the air and fire at otherwise inaccessible targets. However, the Gravmaster mode has a meter which slowly depletes over the course of time and refills when no action is being taken.

The Gyrowing is an agile chopper that is equipped with a dual-laser cannon and has the ability to store missiles. In addition to this, there is state-of-the-art lock-on system as found in the Landmaster.

The Gyrowing also has an A.I robot named Direct-i that is capable of being operated remotely along with the Gyrowing, fire a laser, and entering otherwise inaccessible areas. Lastly, the Direct-i can latch onto bombs left by enemies and then drop them at desired targets.

In addition to this, the Gyrowing also has a top-down perspective that can be used to scout an area, observe any present threats, and see where to land, etc.

The Walker basically allows players to engage the ground forces and access areas otherwise inaccessible for aerial vehicles. The Walker has a boost meter which depletes when actions such as jumping and dashing are utilized.

Coming to weaponry, the Walker has an auto-laser cannon that can be fired in small bursts or continuously. When it comes to laser, do note that each mission starts with a single laser which can be upgraded to dual-laser with a laser upgrade. If you pick up another laser upgrade while equipped with dual-laser, you will get hyper lasers.

Although hyper lasers are destroyed after receiving a couple of hits, these grant increased firepower and two target lock-on. Dual-laser upgrade on the other hand does not go away after sustaining damage. In addition to this, there is a charge shot and a critical shot which are way better than regular charge shots – hyper laser get double critical shots.

When it comes to dishing out damage, do note that perfectly aiming continuous shot deals a whole lot more damage than small bursts. In addition to this, the Walker also has Smart Bombs. These bombs deal a lot of damage and detonate upon impact – can also be detonated manually. However, do note that Smart Bombs do not fast travel time and require somewhat decent precision.

When it comes to Arwing, the Barrel Roll is a good technique to evade enemy fire and avoid damage. Aside from this, there is the Somersault technique which basically comes into play when you have a few aggressors behind your back trying to lock you down. Once perfectly executed, you will find yourself directly behind pursuing enemy units.

Finally, there is U-turn technique which is highly useful technique when it comes to circling around a large enemy aircraft. Not only this, but it also allows you to pursue enemies. However, one important thing that you need to know is that both U-Turn and Somersault require at least half of Boost Meter to get executed.

In case you do not have half meter, wait until it gets refilled and then perform one of these actions.

This is all we have on Star Fox Zero vehicles guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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