Star Fox Zero Medals Guide – Medals Locations, Gold Rings, Objectives, How to Earn

There are a total of 70 Medals that can be found in Star Fox Zero. The Medals can be considered as collectibles that can be earned in Main Missions and Bonus Missions.

Each of the Main Missions contain a total of 5 Medals and Bonus Missions contain 8 Medals. When it comes to Bonus Missions, these are acquired via Alternate Path unlocked by in-game actions.

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This guide details how to earn each and every Medal in Star Fox Zero:

Star Fox Zero Medals – Story Mode


  • 300 hits
  • Three super gold rings
  • Behind locked door
  • Inside Strider container
  • Defeat boss core

The 1st ring is found at the exit of the first area – after flying through the waterfall. The 2nd one is acquired after destroying the large robot at the top of ravine. The 3rd one is acquired after flying over the arched buildings.

To get the Alternate Path, transform into the Walker after passing two archways near the exit and step on the red switch. Finally, to destroy the core, destroy only one of the radar dishes, head inside the opening and destroy the core that appears.

Sector Alpha

  • 300 hits
  • Hidden by a Mambo drone on the top of a Dorisby
  • Clear first Salvadora compartment
  • Three super gold rings
  • Protect allied carriers from Colby battleships

The 1st ship that you need to save is directly in front of you at the start. Shoot down the frigate on left to get it done. The 2nd one appears shortly after the 1st one – on the right side. Lastly, the moment Falco shouts “Fox, eyes up top!”, shoot down the Destroyer.

The room clearing starts in the first room of Phase 2. Once there, eliminate all enemies that enter the room and head to cockpit to see if anyone is left.

Finally, all the gold rings are in Phase 2. For the 1st one, go to the elevator room, jump onto the moving platform, and find it in a small chamber behind you. The 2nd one is at the start of the hallway and the 3rd one is at the end of the hallway with the lasers.

Area 3

  • 220 hits
  • Ten medal tokens
  • Hack all Alpaca Tanks after colony power restored
  • Under container Gigarilla can pick up
  • Complete mission without gyrowing

To collect the tokens, enter the Gyrowing and deploy Direct-i on either side of gold coin. From there, head to two platforms near the vertical tunnel. To get the final two tokens, head to platform with the locking console.

For the next Medal, activate Gigarilla using Direct-i and lure it to carrier with Andross’s face near the right side of portal. After he throws it, pick up the Medal from the area.


  • 70 hits
  • Ten medal tokens
  • Activate dormant left wing searchlight
  • Deactivate right wing shield generator last
  • Do not get detected by searchlights

To turn on the searchlight, head to the left side of the base and clear the area. Once there, use Direct-i to turn it on, turn it off, and grab the Medal.

Coming to generator, turn the one on the left side of the base, rescue Katt, and then deactivate the second one. Once done, grab the Medal from the escape hatch.

Sector Beta

  • 260 hits
  • Buzz one of the friendly carrier’s towers
  • Destroy every large cannon emplacement on the granby
  • Three super gold rings
  • Prevent Peppy from retreating

To earn the first Medal, once you acquire Arwing’s control, head left after U-Turn, and fly over the ship that was on your right at the start. Coming to cannons, two are on the front, one on each side of bow, and two on the stern – blast a total of four to earn the 2nd Medal.

The 1st gold ring is in the generator room of Gransby, the 2nd one is dropped by Kate, and the 3rd one is dropped by Andrew. Finally, do not let Peppy take damage and blast Pigma, Andrew, and Leon as early as possible. Use bombs and be aggressive on Wolf.


  • 320 hits
  • Land on platform on the right when Crab Tanks first appear
  • Three super gold rings
  • Above blockade on the way to the teleporter
  • Destroy every Strider, Worm, and Alpaca

Instead of heading towards the ring on the left side, hover over the debris that falls from the sky to earn the second Medal. To get the 1st ring, head right after entering the valley after defeating three robo-worms. The 2nd and 3rd badges are also in the same area – hover from one platform to other to get them.

To get the fourth Medal, you need Gravmaster and use it to get towards the portal. For the final Medal, you need to blast every Strider, Worm, and Alpaca – do not forget a Walker on the right side of the map, near the end of cavern.

Sector gamma

  • 120 hits
  • Exit out of the rear hangar of the great Fox
  • Three super gold rings
  • Medal hidden in ring of asteroids near teleporter
  • Protect great Fox from damage

For the second Medal, turn around to head inside the hanger and exit the other side in Arwing. The 1st ring is directly behind rear thrusters, the 2nd one is between the foils on left side, and the 3rd one is at the very top of the ship.

To get the fourth Medal, simply pass through the ring on the right side of the portal. To get the final Medal, you must destroy small missiles before they deploy drones – these appear after destroying first and second Copperheads.


  • 120 hits
  • Left behind by defeated Leon
  • Three super gold rings
  • Destroy all boss legs at once
  • Destroy all Striders

The second Medal is fairly easy and is a part of progression. In order to get all 3 rings, blast three golden Spider Drones at the start of Phase 2 to get them. To get the fourth Medal, topple the Mother Strider and speed around the legs to blast the last leg before it has a chance to regenerate all its legs.

In order to get the final Medal, simply destroy all Strider Drones before defeating the boss – if you hear Peppy encourage, the job is done!


  • 200 hits
  • Floating above early vine
  • Three super gold rings
  • Floating amid spiraling branches
  • Destroy all Dodora Eggs

After starting the mission, you will come across a total of three Salamanders. You need to avoid killing the third one which will loop around a vine nearby – providing you with the second Medal. In order to get the Mission Accomplished Medal, you need to destroy all of the Snaptraps scattered throughout the stage.

As for the rings, the first two are acquired from Katt and Snaptrap. As for the 3rd ring, take a stroll in the Walker form in the area where the Monarch Dodora sets up a fireball post. As for the remaining Medal, once you see Dodora flying by before the boss battle, lock-on and place a charged shot on one of its weak spots on its torso.

Sector Omega

  • 220 hits
  • Three super gold rings
  • Hidden in ring of asteroids
  • Tucked between sections of spiraling girders
  • Take no damage during Phase 1w

The 1st ring is located on the far left side at the start, the 2nd one is down the ancient hall, and the 3rd one is before you leave the first old hallway area. To get the third Medal, you need to shoot the asteroid place in the middle of ring of indestructible rocks.

For the second to last Medal, while floating through girders, head through the gap and obtain it. In order to get the final Medal, you simply need to avoid taking any damage during Phase 1.

Corneria II

  • 370 hits
  • Three super gold rings
  • Destroy 30 enemies during Phase 2
  • Hidden in a building that Gigarilla can knock down
  • Destroy all breakable portions of boss

When it comes to getting the rings, each of the wingmen will drop one – only if Falco/Peppy are not shot. For the second Medal, you need to defeat 30 enemies in 1 minute and 45 seconds. The second to last Medal is revealed if Gigarilla walks into a large square building nearby. As for the last Medal, you need to break every breakable part on Gigarilla’s body – includes red glowing spots on chest and palms.


  • 170 hits
  • Shoot down a Star Wolf member in a trench
  • In corridor sequence, make turns left, right, right, left
  • Three super gold rings
  • Shoot fleeing boss during final chase

To get the second Medal, you need to tail a Wolfen into a trench, get behind it, shoot it into canyons. As for three rings of this mission, they are all found during Phase 2 throughout the corridor of illusion. The Medal related to corridor sequence is quite self-explanatory!

In order to get the final Medal, once you see Andross turn his head and reveal a weak spot, hit a laser on the back of his head and obtain the final Mission Accomplished medal.

Star Fox Zero Medals – Bonus Missions

Aquarosa – Hidden Target

  • 2:10 Time Duration
  • Take alternate route during the first mission

Salvadora – Peppy’s Fight

  • 1:40 Time Duration
  • Access Titania teleporter

Area 3 – Chaos At The Colony

  • 200 Hits
  • Choose route after Aquarosa
  • Collect all 3 super gold rings

Wolfen – Meddlesome Mercs

  • Complete every Story Mode mission including Fortuna and challenge Pigma during Sector α
  • 2:00 Time Duration

Zoness – Sneak Attack

  • 3:20 Time Duration
  • Choose route after Aquarosa
  • Collect all 10 Start Fox medal tokens

Great Fox – En-Route Anomaly

  • 100 Hits
  • Choose route after Meddlesome Mercs

Asteroid Field – Treacherous Course

  • 100 Hits
  • Choose route after Chaos at the Colony

Hunter – Lone Wolf

  • 1:40 Time Duration
  • Complete every Story Mode mission including Fortuna and challenge Wolf during Fortuna

This is all we have Star Fox Zero Medals guide. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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