Star Fox Zero Boss Guide – How to Defeat

There are plenty of Star Fox Zero boss battles that are pretty difficult. Since there is a large variety of Star Fox Zero bosses, each one requires a different strategy to defeat it.

There are a few of these Star Fox Zero bosses that can be damaged anywhere, but a majority of them require damage dealt to them in a specific method.

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Star Fox Zero Boss Guide

This guide everything you need to know about defeating all the Star Fox Zero bosses.

Location: Corneria – Phase 3 – Androsa Attacks

There are 8 Turrets and 2 laser cannons on each side of the boss. Destroying the dishes on the surface is the key to defeating the boss – use bombs and laser cannon to do so!

Once a dish has been destroyed, make sure that you do not collapse under it and also be aware of the homing missiles that can be destroyed with a single laser shot. With all four dishes down, the Androsa will fall and you will complete the mission.

Location: Sector α – Phase 2 – Infiltrate the Enemy Warship

You basically need to destroy all the shield-generating nodes on the core. The idea is to use the Walker mode to lock onto these weak targets and continuously move back and forth to avoid projectiles and deal damage.

You should also consider using lock-on to keep the boss in your sight and also toss in a few bombs – they do a lot of damage – if you have any to complete the boss fight as soon as possible!

Location: Titania – Phase 2 – King of the Desert

Once the mission starts, you need to target the orange nodes. To do so, try to roam around the boss and keep on aiming sideways at the nodes.

However, do note that at close range, the boss will try to crush you down or deal damage with a 360-degree attack. Both these attacks can be dodged by moving out of its way or hovering over it.

Once you have successfully destroyed all the orange nodes, deal damage to the sensitive area with everything at your disposal. In the brief moment of respite, try to get rid of Roly Polys, but as soon as you see the boss return, move away from the center.

Once again, stick to the strategy of dealing damage to orange nodes and the weak spot and you will complete the boss battle.

Mother Strider
Location: Fichina – Phase 2 – The Strider Den

While the Mother Strider tries to get into the fray, clear the area of Crab Tanks. One of its most dangerous attacks is belly flop during which it goes into the air and come crashing down, dealing huge damage – combined with constant laser damage.

The idea to completing the boss battle is to destroy 3x joints located where each leg is joined to the body. By doing so, the boss will crash into the snow. However, do note that, if you only manage to destroy one joint, the boss will regenerate it pretty quickly.

Once the boss is down, focus on destroying a total of 8x control antennae at the top – destroying all will need more than one knockdown. As soon as you see it get up, back away to avoid belly flop.

After you have repeatedly knocked down the Mother Strider and destroyed the control antennae, its true weak spot will reveal itself. At this point, simply destroy it and complete the boss battle.

Monarch Dodora
Location: Fortuna – Phase 2 – The Monarch Descends

After the battle begins, damage it chest or tail and get it into the air. You need to try and always be behind its back in order to deal damage to the weak spots. After dealing enough damage to the boss, try to get above the pedestal or under it in order to avoid the storm.

After the windstorm, avoid projectiles aimed at the pedestal and once again tail the boss in order to deal damage – as mentioned earlier. Even when the Butterfly Fighter come to play, do not let your focus deviate from the boss.

Lastly, if you see Monarch Dodora tailing you, try to get away to one side and get behind it. Since the boss is not very maneuverable, you should face no difficulty in doing so.

Attack Carrier
Location: Sector Omega – Phase 1 – Shortcut to Venom

The first thing that you need to know is that the Attack Carrier is quite aggressive and can take on you head-on – avoid it by moving through the gaps.

With a total of 3x weapon pods, the Attack Carrier will try to outflank you and open fire. It is important that you evade these hits by flying on one side and aim at the weak areas in the middle of the weapon system.

Without Twin Lasers and bombs, it may take a while to get rid of the weapon systems. Do note that destroying the objects floating in the space can reveal pick-ups and a laser upgrade.

With all 3x weapon systems out of the way, the Attack Carrier will launch a massive laser attack and reveal its weak spot. At this point, you need to avoid the massive laser attack and shoot the weak spot whenever you get the chance. It goes without saying that bombs can really help during this sequence.

The Gigarilla
Location: Corneria – Phase 3 – The Gigarilla Returns

The first thing that you need to know is that you will not do any damage to the boss by shooting its hands or chest. In order to deal any considerable damage, you need to hit it on the backside which can be attained by transforming into Walker and dashing through its legs.

After taking a little damage, the boss will turn around and stomp the ground – at this point, simply back up and repeat the entire process again.

Once you are done damaging the backside, head towards the hatch, land on the platform while in the Walker mode and try to hack the terminal. This is indeed a difficult task, but you will get some decent opportunities.

Cosmic Dodora
You should face no real threat facing the Cosmic Dodora with the Great Fox by your side. You can read up more about Dodora in the section above. In order to complete the boss battle, you need to lure the Cosmic Dodora in front of the Great Fox and let the home ship do its job.

Lone Wolf
When it comes to Lone Wolf boss battle, once you see it in the ground form, get your bombs and whittle away its HP in no time. In addition to this, transforming into the Walker mode is also a good way to tackle it.

In addition to this, you need to avoid the charge attack as it deals a whole lot of damage. If you are in air, use the Somersault technique to avoid it and if you are in the Walker mode, try to dodge it – this is key to completing this boss battle.

Once the battle starts, try to dodge by moving upwards and downwards. After a while, you will come across him face-to-face. At this point, you need to target his weak spots – his hands. You need to dodge his attacks and shoot at his hands continuously. Once you have successfully destroyed a hand, transform into the Arwing and avoid an energy attack.

Repeat the same process again and make sure to avoid the grab attack. As with the previous hand, try to blast it and exit the area. When it comes to targeting his head, make sure that you lock-on and try to dodge his attacks at the same time.

As soon as you see the beam around the room, you need to hover upwards and downwards and avoid the beam attack a total of 4 times.

Near the very end, you will stun the boss. At this point, you need to transform into the Arwing, boost to his backside, and bombard him with your best attacks – after which he will go down.

This is all we have on Star Fox Zero Boss Guide. Do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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