Star Citizen Will Breakup With Squadron 42 on Valentine’s Day; Latter Will Be a Standalone Title

The story module of Star Citizen, called Squadron 42, is ready to breakup from its parent game and forge a new life for itself.

All that is going to happen on February 14. It’s a little weird for Cloud Imperium Games to choose Valentine’s Day for a ‘breakup,’ but it is what it is.

The decision isn’t a knee-jerk reaction though. As announced back in December, the campaign mode of the ambitious open-world (more like open galaxy) sandbox game is going solo, and will be released either as a standalone product or an add-on to the base title.

Squadron 42 is considered by Chris Roberts as the spiritual successor to ‘Wing Commander,’ and is being developed by the Foundry 42 UK studio under the supervision of Chris Roberts’ brother, Erin.

The game will have an interactive storyline that centers on an elite military unit, with the player enlisting in the military corps. The game is expected to have an episodic structure, with the first episode being released sometime this year and having 20 hours or so of gameplay.

Pledging the appropriate amount on Roberts Space Industries will get you both the base Star Citizen module as well as Squadron 42 at the time of release. Both are expected to be arrive sometime this year on PC.

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