Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Needs Another 2 Years, Sequels Already Planned

Star Citizen has been in development for a decade but Cloud Imperium Games has some new release windows to share for Squadron 42

Keeping in mind that Star Citizen has been in development for nearly a decade, know that developer-publisher Cloud Imperium Games has some new release windows to share for Squadron 42, the accompanying single-player campaign.

Speaking with MCV Develop magazine (via PCGamer) for the latest issue, chief operating officer Carl Jones stated that Cloud Imperium Games has been prioritizing Squadron 42 for a while now and it might take another couple of years for the game (not Star Citizen) to finish.

He noted that plans are in place to shift into high gear in 2022 but Cloud Imperium Games will not settle for a half-baked and unpolished Squadron 42. Hence, as far as Star Citizen players and fans are concerned, it may as well take more than a couple of years when looking at the history of this ambitious project.

“I guess we’ll see how long [Roberts] needs to be over [in the UK]. But yeah, it could be one or two years more,” said Jones. “He’s spending more time over here with the Squadron 42 team and with our other developers, but it’ll be this year when he moves over for longer periods of time. Hopefully, that means we can progress Squadron 42 through to completion faster. We want to get that game finished, but it will be finished when it’s ready.”

Furthermore, even though Squadron 42 has been a hard nut to crack all these years, the developer has already made plans for not one but multiple sequels. When discussing a roadmap for the coming five years, Jones stated that Cloud Imperium Games “will have huge development resources” in the coming five years “because by that time we will be developing the sequel and sequels for Squadron 42.”

Finally, Jones believes that Star Citizen will be its own massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a behemoth of a metaverse by 2027.

It goes without saying that the scale of Star Citizen keeps getting raised with each year, as does its backers. The game has so far raised more than $400 million in funding and pledges.

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