Star Citizen Alpha 1.3 is Now Live With Fixes and New Additions

Star Citizen alpha 1.3 is now available to download. Plenty of fixes and additions have been made to the game.

Star Citizen Alpha 1.3 is now available and it brings plenty of new fixes and a plethora of additions for the game. Since it is adding and fixing so much, expect file size to be hefty.

Below you can see some highlights from the changelog:

Arena Commander Module:

Gameplay Additions:

  • The groundwork for Interior physics grids has gone live!
  • The Avenger, 300 series, Auroras (all Variants) and Non-Racer Mustangs will allow you to exit your seat while in flight as a result.
  • However because the full mechanics are not yet in place, your character may clip out of your ship or be in zero-G while on the ship.

Gameplay Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where players would not be removed Arena Commander for being idle unless all players in the match were idle.
  • Fixed an issue during the Tutorial – Chapter 3, where the missiles would sometimes not track the target correctly, particularly when firing all missiles simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons fire could appear offset from the weapon muzzle, when the ship was firing while moving.
  • Fixed an issue where a ships target could be lost when increasing distance from target, despite target still being in sensor range.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to trigger respawn if they died while interacting with the HUD.
  • Missiles no longer have a graphical glitch where they retain a small portion of the firing ships interface.
  • The ship HUD will no longer sometimes detach from the helmet upon initial spawn or after colliding with an object.
  • The character helmet will no longer separate from the rest of the character due to inertia, causing issues with the ship HUD.
  • More details are available, here.

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