Star Citizen Aliens And Languages Showcased In Latest Video

A space sim game without any aliens is a big no these days, which is why Cloud Imperium has just released a new video highlighting some of the Star Citizen aliens and alien languages.

Cloud Imperium is working with Britton Watkins, a xinolinguistics expert who has worked on movies like Star Trek Into Darkness in the very same capacity, fleshing out alien languages.

Thanks to the ever increasing budget, which recently surpassed $141 million in crowdfunding, the scope of Star Citizen keeps increasing which is why Squadron 42, the singleplayer mode of the game is getting fully fleshed out alien languages and cultures.

Among the Star Citizen aliens and alien languages being developed, we know so far that both the Vanduul and Xi’An races will have bespoke language with proper voice actors delivering those voice lines and raspy sounds to make them sound authentic.

The video released by Cloud Imperium shows how much work is being put into the languages. The aliens not only communicate verbally but there are also other methods of communication such as Vanduul’s signal communication with bioluminescence.

The full video, around 23 minutes long where the developers explain all the process in detail can truly be a fascinating watch if anyone is interested in the development behind Star Citizen aliens and alien languages.

Cloud Imperium also recently switched their game engine from Crytek’s CryEngine to Amazon’s Lumberyard and assured fans that this process will not impact development at all. In fact the upcoming major update for the game will allow backers to play Star Citizen on the new game engine.

There is currently no fixed date for the launch of Star Citizen but backers have the option to launch and play the game in its current unfinished state at any time they want, provided they have the right pledge level.

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