STALKER Apocalypse Devs are Stealing Your Money, Says GSC Game World

You would have heard of West Games, a development studio that is comprised of a team that was once working on a game in the franchise. They are the same people who are developing STALKER Apocalypse right now – and asking for a handsome amount of crowdfunded money.

While all this was happening, the original developers of STALKER, GSC Game World came back from the ashes (in what looks like a full form) and based on what their executives are saying now, West Games are in for a bumpy ride.

Valentine Yeltyshev, the public relations director of GSC Game World has spoken up about the new game as well as the studio behind it; and he doesn’t really sound happy.

He started by saying that they didn’t even have the permission to make such a game let alone the expertise. They were actually working on a web based game for the franchise some four years ago but that project was shut down because GSC believed it wouldn’t be good enough.

That is not all, here’s the full blow that Yeltyshev dealt to the developers of STALER Apocalypse:

They are trying to steal money from people with this crowdfunding website. With Kickstarter first … and now they are using some weird, other platform. Who is so stupid as to give them money? These guys do not even have an adequate team to make a game half as big as the original STALKER, let alone a full game.

His comments are supported by evidence that the Kickstarter campaign of the game had gone off the radar suddenly and then West Games started another crowdfunding campaign on a lesser known non-US based website called Wfunder.


This is where they are asking for $600,000 right now but apparently the community is not interested which is why only a little over $16000 have been raised so far.

Oh and Yeltyshev also warned that if West Games tries to bring STALKER Apocalypse to release, there will be consequences – I am thinking complex legal actions.

What do you make of all this?

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