STALKER 2 Release Window Claimed By Voice Actor

The highly anticipated (and much delayed) STALKER 2 appears to be eying a release window around the coming holiday season.

Taking to Instagram a couple of weeks back, voice actor Aleksandr Vilkov confirmed (via GameMag) that he has been busy voicing characters for STALKER 2 and that a potential release has been planned for fall 2021.

Take note that developer and publisher GSC Game World has not officially announced an exact release date or release window for that matter for the game. The closest confirmation arrived nearly a year back when GSC Game World stated that STALKER 2 will be released somewhere in 2021.

Furthermore, while celebrating the 14th anniversary of the franchise last month, GSC Game World noted that STALKER 2 will receive a playable demo later in the year. Provided that the fall 2021 release window is accurate and that there are no unprecedented delays, the said playable demo might possibly arrive ahead of release across all supported platforms.

STALKER 2 remains in development for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC, making it the first time for the franchise to grace consoles. The sequel will feature support for ray tracing on the new Xbox consoles while running at 4K resolution on the Xbox Series S flagship. The sequel will also be available on Xbox Game Pass at release to boost that Microsoft love for platform accessibility. PlayStation 5 for the time being remains amiss.

During global lockdowns last year, press manager Zakhar Bocharov assured that “everything is going according to development plan” for STALKER 2 “and even faster in some aspects.”

STALKER 2, at least in name, has been in development for more than a decade now. The sequel was first announced back in August 2010 with a release set for 2012. The project was then cancelled before being revived in May 2018.

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