STALKER 2 Production Begins, Website Updated With New Art And Music

Fans of the STALKER series have been waiting impatiently for any news regarding the second installment. Well, we’re finally getting some news from the game developer GSC Game World. STALKER 2’s official website has been updated with newly added key art and music to generate enough hype from fans.

In addition to the website being updated, the project launched its own Twitter account which they say will be used to share news and “interesting content” for STALKER 2.

The music that plays in the background on the website is a three minute long creepy, ominous, ambient track that fits the series’ often terrifying post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Earlier this month, we got to see rumors pop on the web, they came from a screenshot of a Discord conversation that was apparently by Sergey Grigorovich, the CEO of GSC Game World, the studio responsible for developing the STALKER games.

The conversation suggested that STALKER 2 will be an online game. The rumor is still unconfirmed and if the rumor is true, it is possible that the entire atmosphere of the game will be destroyed.

In May of last year, fans saw the company reveal that STALKER 2 is in the works. That was when the site originally went live. At that time, there was nothing except a small teaser for the game.

It simply featured the game’s title “STALKER 2” painted onto a concrete background with the number “2021” implying clearly that the game won’t be around until then.

The team behind the original entries, GSC Game World,  has now officially confirmed that STALKER 2 is now in production and will come out somewhere around 2021. That’s still a long time though.

However, it remains to be seen if the game will be a multiplayer or a single-player title. There is a possibility that the game could feature both. But until the devs confirm it, we can only speculate.