Around 200GB of STALKER 2 Data Reportedly Leaked

STALKER 2 has reportedly suffered another huge leak. This time, it's claimed that hackers have access to an early game build as well.

It seems like another attack from hackers has hit GSC Game World, and this time, hackers claim that they have around 200GB of data related to the game, including an early build of the game.

The hack was shared by the same community which shared the earlier leaks, “Herald of the Same Stalker.” To prove that the hackers indeed have access to the data, they also shared the game’s logo displayed when STALKER 2 starts.

For now, we aren’t sure what data the 200GB leak contains apart from an early STALKER 2 build. The data has been filed with a May 2023 date, so the leak contains all the latest files and data related to the game.

Although they have shared the leak’s size, it’s unclear what other files or data there are in the leak apart from the game’s build. When the last STALKER 2 leak happened, GSC Game World officially acknowledged it and sent a message to the community. This time, we will have to wait and see if the developer decides to respond to this new leak.

Officially, STALKER 2 is still scheduled to release in 2023; however, with all the delays in the past and how challenging it has been for the team, it won’t be a surprise that the game gets delayed once again.

Despite all the threats and pressure from the Russian community, the Ukrainian developer, GSC Game World, hasn’t changed their game (setting and plot-wise) apart from the fact that it has a bigger scope now. According to the Lead Producer, STALKER 2 is more of a “national product” now, and they are committed to putting it out for the sake of their country and fans.


Assuming that this new leak has a completely playable STALKER 2 build, GSC Game World would want fans to stay away from this for obvious reasons. The developer would also want to officially release the game immediately to negate these attacks and leaks.

STALKER 2 is planned to release for PC and Xbox Series and is also planned to release for Microsoft’s Game Pass service. Hopefully, we will hear about the STALKER 2 release date soon.

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