STALKER 2 In Production, Scheduled To Roll Out Sometime In 2021

It has been years since we last heard about the first-person shooter survival horror game Stalker. Now though, GSC Gameworld has recently announced that STALKER 2 is in development, scheduled to release in 2021. The game was reported to be cancelled back in 2012.

The announcement was made by the owner, Sergiy Grygorovych, of GSC Game World via Facebook. Where the link to a new official website was provided.  There is a STALKER 2 logo with 2021 printed underneath alongside the email address. Presumably for newsletter sign-ups. For those who still have any doubts, the game is also shown on the GSC Game World’s main website.

Sergey Galyonkin who you may know best as the manager of SteamSpy also made a Tweet with the link to the announcement long before anyone else did. Galyonkin is also the director of, publishing strategy at Epic Games.

Interestingly, with a laughing comment, he added a response to a person,”guess the engine?” So it seems pretty obvious that this announced STALKER 2 will be running in Unreal.

This certainly is not the first time we have heard about STALKER 2 to be in production. GSC Game World was working on the game when the studio dissolved in 2011. Following that, we heard the rumors on various blogs that the game was in production and will be published by the renowned Bethesda.

Although that news died out, but what didn’t actually die out was STALKER 2 and now the game is back in production and thus its development has been officially announced.

We can certainly expect one thing from this game, that it would be amazing. Since the new game is set to release nearly after a decade. The developers and publishers are well aware of the fact that, the fans will be very skeptical about the game. Perhaps they will be keeping that in mind and justify this long wait.