Square Enix To Hold E3 Conference This Year, After Skipping 2 Years In A Row

It’s official! Square Enix will be holding an E3 Conference after skipping 2 years in a row.

Not only this is a cause for excitement but it is really interesting as well. Trying to figure out that perhaps they have something big to reveal at this year’s E3 Conference.

Square Enix has confirmed that they will hold their conference on June 11 at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/6 PM BST. In a recent Twitter post, it was promised that a “special video presentation” will be revealed, which shall enlighten the fans regarding the “exciting future of Square Enix.”

The event is to be streamed on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer. The press conference will be held just before Ubisoft’s at 1 PM.

That being said, it is safe to say that, we will see Kingdom Hearts 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Dragon Quest 11 but what else is the real question.

Since they have not held a conference for past two years some major announcements are expected.

Something related to Final Fantasy is what most would like to hear, while their those who wonder, whether will we be getting our first peek at the new Avengers game? We shall know soon enough.

As you know that E3 is very near, and the hype buggy is full with all the major developers and publishers set for their reveals. In the gaming industry E3, 2018 is going to be, perhaps one of the biggest events in the gaming industry.

With the major gaming giants like Ubisoft, Bethesda, Activision, Capcom revealing their future plans, it would just be amazing, if nothing else.

That being said, since there is a little time, ESA has revealed floor plans for main areas during the event. So you can also give that a glimpse. It would really be helpful.

Having said that, What are your expectation from this years E3? Even better what is your expectation from Square Enix? Let us know in the comments below.