Square Enix Could Revive Old Properties for Nintendo Switch

Square Enix and Nintendo are currently enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship with Nintendo Switch. Players of Switch can expect full support from the publisher of Deus Ex, Final Fantasy, and many other games. The publisher recently showed its excitement for the success of Nintendo Switch.

But which games can we expect to see on Nintendo Switch? Are there any new IPs in development? According to Square Enix, their options are open so expect anything from new IPs, existing titles, to the revival of died out properties.

We will have all options on the table for what IP to use in titles we develop for Switch, including new, existing, and revival properties.

Square Enix believes that Switch has created a new space for video games. Over the years, there were two extremes (high end and low-end games) but with the release of Nintendo Switch, developers can offer a mid-tier experience to the players as well.

In this, there are areas we are well-suited to, and possibilities for multiplatform development, and we have high expectations for the Switch. We will put in the investment and develop for the platform.

Furthermore, Ubisoft plans to further invest in Nintendo Switch and noted that they are excited about the launch of Just Dance 18 on Switch and expects it sell even better than Just Dance 17.

With many major publishers ready to support Switch, future looks very good for the company and its handheld. The proper sales figure for the Nintendo Switch a year from now would be very interesting to see.

What games would you like to see on Switch? Share your views in the comments below.

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